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Letters of Intent: Elections 2020

Posted at the Request of Council Member Dalton Hatcher:

Chief of Elders Hatcher, Council of Elders, and to the members of the Waccamaw Indian People, I am announcing my intention to run for the Chief of Tribal Council. I have served on the Tribal Council since 2008, and have served on the Pauwau Committee, the Constitutional Committee, the Arts and Crafts Committee, the Elections Committee, and now on the Files Committee. I want to help push our tribe forward into our collective future together for ourselves, our children, and their children, for seven generations yet unborn. I hope to earn your vote and your support, and to prove worthy of it.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Council Member Dalton Hatcher

Posted at the request of member Marie McCall:

Chief of Elders, Council of Elders, and members of the Waccamaw Indian People, I am announcing my intention to run for a tribal council seat. I want to help push our tribe forward for our current members and for seven generations yet unborn. I am on the Federal Recognition Committee and now on the Files Committee. I have 40 years of business management experience that I feel will be an asset to the council and to the tribe. I hope to earn your vote and support and to prove my worthiness of it. Thank you for your time and consideration. Marie Hatcher Hines

Posted per CM Robert Benton's request:

I, Robert Benton, am running as an incumbent in the upcoming 2020 tribal elections. I have served as a Fire Keeper, on Tribal Council several years, and on the Arts & Crafts Committee. I would greatly appreciate your vote and support.

Posted by request of Member Glenn C:

This letter is to officially announce my Intent to run for a Tribal Council Seat. I am asking for your help and support. Starting my campaign by reaching out to you the People of the Waccamaw Indian tribe, my friends, for your vote in this upcoming election.

I’m looking forward to representing the People of the Waccamaw Indian tribe. I will run a positive campaign, as I will display integrity and honesty in all my interactions and treat all that I encounter with the utmost respect.

I have served as your Building & Grounds Chairman for almost 2 years and about 1 1⁄2 years as your Pauwau Committee Member. Very familiar with the Tribals day to day business and it’s operations. Furthermore if I am not mistaken, I have only missed 1 tribal and 1 Pauwau meeting in the past 3+ years. Which, I feel that it is very important to know how to serve the Tribe for its needs. After all, how can you serve if you are not there? I love what I do for the Tribe and for others. We (B&G) have overcome some big projects with many more to come. You have got some great people that I work with and doing a great job helping. We will have a great place to be proud of to call home and feel the peace that is in the air. Which is what I feel when I am on the Tribal grounds. It is a beautiful place to be! Have you been on the Tribal Grounds lately? If not please come out, I would love to share this with you. It will be a beautiful day together. Together, we can make this even more beautiful, I know we can!!

If I will be chosen as one of your Tribal Council Members, I intend to focus more of my energy and attention to furthering the goals and objectives of the tribe. I can do this by helping to organize others. So that we will be able to concentrate more on each task. Also by introducing changes and the needs within the Tribes structure. Which will allow it to maximize its operations and at the same time maximizing what the needs for your tribe.

It will be a great privilege to serve the People of The Waccamaw Indian Tribe Tribal Council. I will do so by learning and listening openly to the concerns of all our Tribal members. With the goal of building a better Tribe, one that thrives economically and maintains that “Tribal” feel. Let’s work together to make it an even better place to be proud and a Member of! I can not do this without you. We all must get along with each other!! So come on out and spend some time with me. Not just as your Council member if elected or B&G Chair, as a friend.

Even if I am not your choice, PLEASE vote..

Your friend,

Glenn Cook

Posted by request of CoC Rick:

Respected members,

This is my letter of intent to run for Chief of Tribal Council in the upcoming 2020 election. I currently serve as your Chief of Council and was a former council member prior to this position. As Chief of Council, I have strived to work along with Chief Hatcher, tribal council and the Council of Elders so that everyone’s opinions could be heard. When making decisions that will affect the tribe I refer to the elders to receive their advice.

My voting history will reflect that I take into consideration what the long term/short term, positive or negative, effect could be on the tribe. I believe our government should be transparent and confident. I have worked hard to make information available and understandable for all. I challenged the PauWau Committee to be accountable and make improvements to the overall operation. I supported council member John Turner in the Campsite Project which was approved and completed.

For 5 consecutive years, we have held the Special Needs Fishing Day at our tribal grounds. This annual event has been successful in reaching families in our community. It has also given us the opportunity to work along side other organizations to put on a great event.

During my tenure, there have been many improvements made to the grounds. This includes cleaning up around the pond, which is in better condition than ever. It is now well stocked and is a focal point for the grounds. It was accomplished with minimum cost and many volunteer hours provided by many of our members. Other successful projects are the new office roof, the campsite project, drainage around the office, improved campsite driveway and the driveway coming in to the grounds, new equipment shed, handicap ramp added on to the office, obtained a new lawn mower and the dance circle has been completely rewired.

As a tribe we continue to move forward. Although some things may come slow we still strive to move ahead. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as Chief of Council for my brothers and sisters of the Waccamaw people. If it be the will of the Creator and the Waccamaw members, I look forward to serving the tribe in the future.

To all of the Waccamaw people: may the Creator bless you as you walk “The Red Road”.


Chief of Council,

Ricky Hudnall

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