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January 2014 Open Meeting Summary 01102014

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 1/10/2014 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC*

  1. CoC Scott, CM’s Dalton, Homer, Robert, and John present. 2nd Chief Iris served as proxy for CM Susan.

  2. December minutes read

  3. Dalton motioned to accept; Homer seconded

  4. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Scott-yes

  5. Financial Report: Alan

  6. General Fund

  7. Deposits: $1470.21 Debits: $1205.28 Balance: $14892.00

  8. Building Fund

  9. Deposits: $150.00 Debits: $1145.87 Balance: $150.00

  10. Pauwau

  11. Expenses: $12729.05 Income: $21655.17

  12. Chief Hatcher: still due $7000 from ad sale

  13. 2nd Chief Iris: best year we have had; kudos to PW Committee & all who participated

  14. Online Votes

  15. Heaters for John Cox

  16. Homer-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes; Susan voted yes online

  17. Prison Program Fund

  18. Homer-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes; Susan voted yes online

  19. Old Business

  20. Inactive Membership List

  21. Dalton & 2nd Chief Iris: 11 people updated their file

  22. John: what does “extended” mean?

  23. 2nd Chief Iris: number of months membership was extended

  24. RTNS column shows number of times mail has come back

  25. 2nd Chief Cheryl: can I speak on behalf of someone on the list?

  26. He’s in the Jail Diversion Program & hasn’t had opportunity to do a whole lot with receiving mail unless sent to prison

  27. 2nd Chief Iris: didn’t have that address

  28. Dalton: we’re not voting on him tonight anyway

  29. Scott: his doesn’t expire until 2016

  30. Chief Hatcher explained federal recognition requires being able to contact all our members

  31. Dalton motioned to remove 385- 020 on Monthly Report Query dated 1/10/14

  32. Homer seconded

  33. John-yes, 2nd Chief Iris-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Scott-yes

  34. New Business

  35. Committee Reports

  36. Buildings & Grounds: John

  37. Would like to plan on what to do for work days & make list

  38. Post on our sites for people’s interest

  39. Grants: Dalton (for Michelle)

  40. Looking into Grants.Gov site

  41. Jeania working on Hospitality Grant

  42. Pauwau: 2nd Chief Cheryl

  43. Met Wednesday (1/8)

  44. 2nd Chief Cheryl nominated as Chairperson

  45. CM Susan nominated as co-Chair

  46. Reviewed policy letter & couple things to add in to assist with problems we’ve had vendors having numerous unidentified helpers

  47. Send emails to other vendors that may be interested in vending at this year’s Pauwau to increase variety & quality

  48. 2nd Chief Iris: where are these vendors going to come from?

  49. Found all she knows to find

  50. 2nd Chief Cheryl: trying to come up with ways

  51. Could use more people

  52. John: I go to other festivals; need something we can give vendors about our Pauwau

  53. 2nd Chief Cheryl: need to make sure they are Native American vendors

  54. Hoping this will help lead to better quality & be as true to culture as possible

  55. Vendors

  56. Developing policy & procedures to jury vendor booths

  57. Set up process in advance

  58. Will have to work with security