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July 2013 Open Meeting Summary 07122013

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 7/12/2013 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CoC Scott, and CM's Susan, Dalton, and Homer present.

  2. June Minutes read.

  3. Dalton motioned to accept; Susan seconded

  4. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  5. Financial Report: Alan

  6. General Fund: $2873.75

  7. Building Fund: $1165.85

  8. Please get receipts to Alan/ Michelle ASAP

  9. New Business

  10. Committee Reports

  11. Grants: Michelle

  12. Lowe’s Community Grant: due 7/30

  13. Working with Rick Hudnall on longhouse

  14. Lowe’s Education Grant: 8/1-10/15 for Pauwau

  15. Lowe’s Small Project Grant- no date grant, up to $2500

  16. Working with Rick Hudnall on roof project

  17. Pauwau: Michelle

  18. Meeting 7/10, 8/14 at Shoney’s in Conway at 6:30pm

  19. Suggestions for 2013 due by Aug 1

  20. Contracts for demonstrators are in

  21. Neal & Sonya have resigned from committee

  22. Budget ready for approval

  23. Dalton motioned to accept; Homer seconded

  24. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

  25. Buildings & Grounds: CoC Scott

  26. Roses moved

  27. Porch painted by John T

  28. Will screen porch in once painting complete

  29. New Waccamaw sign at gate

  30. Resolution DH-05-03-2013-001: Membership Fees: 3rd Reading

  31. Rewrote 3rd “be it resolved” section

  32. Dalton motioned to accept with change; Homer seconded

  33. Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Scott-yes

  34. John T: how will people be notified?

  35. Dalton: Facebook, tribal website, newsletter

  36. 2nd Chief Iris: who will keep track of who has paid?

  37. Dalton: bookkeeper

  38. Alan F: need a copy of the tribal roll book

  39. 2nd Chief Iris: Alan F is spousal; I need tribal permission to send him a copy

  40. Alan: would prefer a printout at next meeting

  41. Susan: Do Associate members keep getting cards?

  42. Dalton: yes, but they can’t vote

  43. Susan: they keep getting ID’s

  44. Dalton: have no problem charging them ID renewal fees

  45. Susan: someone could say drop them to Associate to keep from paying the fee

  46. Dalton: I would tell them no

  47. 2nd Chief Iris: they need to reapply if they do that

  48. CoC Scott: Neal turned in CM, B&G, PW Committee resignations

  49. Open council seat: CoC Scott nominated John T

  50. Dalton nominated Georgia C

  51. Chief Hatcher has to decide

  52. Constitution

  53. 2nd Chief Iris: Right now, there are two sets of ID’s

  54. 1 is full–fledge voting members

  55. 1 is TCard for 12 months & then review

  56. Designated in database to tell them apart

  57. Susan: revisit the Inactive Status resolution to limit term on Inactive

  58. Dalton: Wasn’t a rush; why not give them a chance just in case they sue

  59. Chief Hatcher: important to clean it up now; set up a Saturday work day

  60. 2nd Chief Iris: they violate WIP operating procedures by not keeping information updated