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March 2012 Open Meeting Summary 03022012

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 03/02/2012 held at the Senior Center in Aynor, SC

  1. CoC Scott, and CM's Susan and Neal present. Pursuant to the Tribal Constitution page 8 (Article V paragraph B line 8), Chief Hatcher decided that all favorable votes taken will stand as voted and the vote will count.

  2. February minutes read.

  3. Susan motioned to accept; Neal seconded

  4. Susan-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

  5. Financial Report

  6. General Account: $9972.88

  7. Building Fund: $657.65

  8. Online Votes

  9. None taken

  10. Committee Reports

  11. Grants: Michelle

  12. SCAC 3/15: two grants: PW & School Day

  13. Pauwau: Michelle

  14. We have 6 voting members & need Council to appoint one more

  15. Next meeting TBA at Shoney's at 6:30. Once the date is finalized, I'll email everyone

  16. Anyone who has program book ideas, send them to Michelle or Susan

  17. We need everyone to sell ads, not just the committee and not just a couple of people. I will attach a copy of the ad form for people to copy.

  18. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  19. Carol Ann is supposed to be setting up a meeting

  20. Building & Grounds: Neal

  21. Jeff is supposed to have house set down next week

  22. On a Sunday- tar the roof, around $40 per bucket, will get quote

  23. Jeff is supplying rollers

  24. Next projects: floors, carpet, take out wall, etc...

  25. Hope to be in the new building by June

  26. Donnie's Receipts

  27. City Auto Parts: $61.69 check 1419

  28. Susan motioned to accept; Neal seconded

  29. Susan-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

  30. Sunhouse 1: $118.35 check 1420

  31. Susan motioned to accept; Neal seconded

  32. Susan-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

  33. Chief Hatcher

  34. Apologies to new members because we don't have the roll book tonight

  35. Request to pay attorney $1000 if we can afford it

  36. Susan motioned to accept; Neal seconded but plan for future

  37. Susan-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

  38. Newsletter is all electronic

  39. Need to communicate with all members- not just those with email

  40. Perhaps a compromise can be reached

  41. Met with Chaplain of Prisons & John Abrams

  42. No Native American religion in SC prisons allowed

  43. Authorize to use John Abrams to assist with this program

  44. Susan motioned to accept; Neal seconded but plan for future

  45. Susan-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

  46. Neal will volunteer too

  47. Prison Program- hope to make it a statewide program

  48. Met with 2nd Chief of Pee Dee

  49. 7 state-recognized tribes & 7 recognized groups

  50. tribes have Native history; groups may not

  51. Both get to vote on Native issues

  52. Going to propose at next Advisory meeting: no more groups

  53. Arts & Crafts said they would do feathers & we need them to do it

  54. Also need one for tribal constables

  55. Seal- $60, letterhead to change fax numbers & envelopes ($200)

  56. Neal motioned; Susan seconded

  57. Susan-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

  58. 2 Projects

  59. Donnie's floor

  60. Building fund

  61. Money shifted around; will get fixed

  62. Problem with 2 contractors working together

  63. 2 guys passed inspection, were paid, but vents were upside down

  64. Jeff says access doors will be crushed if building is set down on it the way the other guys did it

  65. Says $150-200 to fix

  66. Susan motioned; Neal seconded

  67. Susan-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

  68. Value of building needs to be reported to Iris

  69. Neal motions $20/sq. foot; Susan seconded

  70. Susan-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

  71. Scott to email Iris

  72. Federal Recognition

  73. Still no contract

  74. Interest in amphitheater

  75. Chief of Constables looking for good people

  76. Chief of Constables David: developing screening and policy & procedure manual

  77. Elections

  78. Proposals to go in

  79. DH-09-02-2011-001

  80. Think it's wrong; don't think restricting powers should be in constitution

  81. RP-03-03-2010-01

  82. Elder Doug: Compromise on newsletter- send postcards

  83. Elder Hank: Q: bulk rate?

  84. A: have to pay for so many, including returns

  85. Georgia: Have a fundraising interest

  86. Wanted to check into permissions to do it

  87. Chief Hatcher gave her permission

  88. Elder Doug: Cheryl & Georgia to handle PR

  89. Chief Hatcher gave permissions

  90. Resolution HH-01/03/2012-02: Disbursement Criteria received its 2nd Reading

  91. Susan: Events

  92. Weekend of 3/3: Pauwau in Monck's Corner

  93. Weekend of 3/10: Pauwau in Hardeeville

  94. 3/28: Native American Advisory Meeting at USC-Lancaster

  95. May: Tuscarora Pauwau

  96. Elder Hank: introduced Steve & Lori Osborn

Susan motioned to close the meeting; Neal seconded.

Meeting adjourned 7:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 3/15/12 at 2:26 am.

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