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March 2013 Open Meeting Summary 03012013

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 3/1/2013 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

1. CoC Scott, and CM's Neal, Susan, Dalton, Richia, and Homer present.

2. February minutes read

a. Change 3a to redirecting to; doing away with site

b. Change 6(e)(2)(b) & (d) to Herr: name misspelled twice

c. Neal motioned to accept with changes; Homer seconded

d. Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Richia-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

3. Financial Report: Michelle

a. General Fund: $4505.88

b. Building Fund: $2002.29

4. New Business

a. Council Work Day

1. Constitution to be gone through one section at a time

a. Changes can be brought up at meeting

2. Application costs to go up to $24 effective 7/1/2013

a. Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Richia-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

b. Committee Reports

1. Arts & Crafts: Susan

a. No more phone meetings- cost, people talk over each other

b. Anyone can be on committee, but 4 voting members should be from here

c. To get certificate, you must have paperwork

d. Classes, work day for children & adults

2. Working on Proposal for New Membership

a. Yes/ No/ Provisional

1. Reviewed 1 year from time put in- they have to prove merit

a. then Council votes on app again

1. John T: Why would someone be a yes automatically?

a. Dalton: some have already shown merit before they apply, some we've never seen

b. Dalton: Show commitment before putting app in

c. Susan: Take Georgia, for example, she worked School Day/ Pauwaus before applying

3. Grants: Michelle

a. SCAC 3/15- using for School Day

b. Lowe's Community Grant: 3/1/4-30, 6/1-7/30- village

c. Lowe's Education Grant: 8/1-10-15-pauwau

d. Lowe's Small Project Grants: no dates: roof

4. Pauwau: Michelle

a. Meeting 3/13: Coastal Ale House @ 6:30pm

b. Have begun confirming demonstrators and key roles

c. Working on budget & coordinating with businesses

5. T-shirts: 2nd Chief Cheryl (For John A)

a. 2nd Chief Cheryl read John's email:

1." 1) I need to get Native American Craftsperson certification from the tribe so I can sell some of my crafts in addition to the shirts. This will have to be done through the tribe as well. Please instruct me as to how to get this started. 2) I will, upon approval, use the logo as is - no unauthorized changes will be made to the image provided to me. 3) I will add the words "Pauwau" and / or "Cultural Festival" and / or "Indian People" to the shirts and other items at my discretion. 4) All costs and profits concerning this venture are my responsibility. The tribe is under no financial obligation, neither are any revenues assured to the tribe other than the annual pauwau vendor fee. 5) I will apply as a vendor and pay the same rate as other Waccamaw vendors for the pauwau. 6) The shirts and other items with the Waccamaw logo may be sold at other events at my discretion."

b. Susan: problem: our logo: to say that someone can use it at their discretion, we should get a percentage

c. Susan: Hofer buys shirts in bulk & will be selling them too

1. 2nd Chief Cheryl: then we should table this