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May 2009 Open Meeting Summary 05012009

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 5/1/2009 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. April minutes read

  2. Change to be made- make it clear that Will Goings is the one wanting the review, not Chief Hatcher

  3. Dalton motioned to accept the minutes with the change; Homer seconded

  4. Jeanie-yes, Susan (Wayne)-yes, Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Scott-yes (Passed unanimously)

  5. Financial Report

  6. $2840.17 in bank

  7. GK Residence: $3571 to date

  8. Attorney: $2000 to date

  9. Deposit around 4/20 of $65 but unsure of where it came from

  10. Donnie Agreement was signed, officially giving the grounds a caretaker

  11. CoC should be the liaison to the caretaker

  12. Sprint Phone Bill has been paid in full

  13. Committee Reports

  14. PauWau: Linda: committee has not met. Meeting scheduled for 5/9 at 11

  15. Buster & Linda calculated having Rick Bird and John Blackfeather both

  16. $5000 total for both for all 4 days (School day and Pau Wau)

  17. Rick Bird as Drum; John Blackfeather as Emcee

  18. Still need an arena director

  19. Events: Linda: Yard Sale: tribe made $110; Linda will do them once per month

  20. Donnie would like to do them once per week once he is set up

  21. Scott mentioned having a yard sale committee for Donnie to work with and Buster to be a point-of-contact

  22. Tabled till next month

  23. Buildings & Grounds: Neal: Donnie still needs AC & Hot water heater

  24. Dalton- check for heat pump on Craigs List; Susan- check FreeCycle

  25. Chief Hatcher offered Doug’s AC since he is not using it

  26. Dalton motioned to accept Doug’s AC and continue looking for another; hook the better one up at Donnie’s location; Richia seconded

  27. Jeanie-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Homer-yes, Richia-yes, Scott-yes (passed unanimously)

  28. Owe Jeff appreciation

  29. Grants: Michelle: SCAC grant review was Tuesday 4/28

  30. Strong grant; they loved the narrative

  31. Believe the grant will be funded

  32. Reminded everyone that it is a 1:1 grant

  33. If you