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December 2019 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 12/6/2019 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Marion, Alan, John, Robert present. Dalton served ACoC. Elders Becky and Dan present.

  2. Financial Report: Not available

  3. Online Votes

  4. 11/3 Pay Little Bear for bringing Earl Manyskins to Pauwau

  5. Robert-yes, John-no, Alan-yes, Marion-absent, Dalton-yes

  6. Rendered moot; 2C Phil came in during Pauwau & said Chief would pay it out of his pocket

  7. 12/2 Accept October minutes

  8. Robert-abstain, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes

  9. New Business

  10. MS Office: Dalton

  11. Would like authorization for 6 accounts of MS Office Nonprofit

  12. Allow us to post database online

  13. Encrypted & backed up

  14. $3/ user

  15. Alan: do you need more than 3 users?

  16. Dalton: yes

  17. John: can you add as you go?

  18. Dalton: yes

  19. Yearly registration; will pay my own

  20. Think tribe should pay for Filekeeper, Secretary, and Genealogists

  21. Plan to create a committee, preferable those familiar with database management

  22. Our current version of Office 365 doesn’t have the 1 app that we need

  23. John: do we need MS Office & NeonCRM? Seems like they overlap

  24. Dalton: with Neon, every line is a user & costs extra money after 1000 users

  25. Not sure you can use Neon in the same way as MS Office

  26. Stats, labels, mail merge, etc…

  27. Neon is set up to be the backend of a website

  28. General members can see what they owe, receive alerts, pay fees, check events

  29. We can get Neon’s changelog to update MS Office

  30. Alan: can Neon be merged to MS Office?

  31. Dalton: believe it can be exported

  32. Dalton: I’m looking 20 years down the line- tribe will double, which increases lines and cost

  33. Dalton: if I could figure out how to get us to one, I would

  34. If I could, I would get us away from both

  35. John: funding authorization

  36. Dalton: 4 users

  37. John: motion to fund MS Office; Alan seconded for 4 users ($144/ year)

  38. Marion-yes, John-yes, Alan-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

  39. John: suppose we could incorporate policy regarding cemetery

  40. Can we add it into MS Office

  41. Dalton: not limited by the number of spots

  42. John: can we add resolutions in to it

  43. Dalton: would like to put all of our information in one spot

  44. Overnight Deposit Bags: Dalton

  45. Choice of bags: disposable plastic & permanent

  46. No fee if we use disposable bags

  47. If there is a discrepancy, they will either deposit & tell you or they will call you to come recount it (you decide which one)

  48. Starla: 2 people open the safe and count separately with cameras watching

  49. Marion: motion we use overnight bags; John seconded

  50. Marion: no problems using it over 9 years myself

  51. Marion-yes, John-yes, Alan-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

  52. Resolution: DH-12-06-2019-001: Rules governing the creation & maintenance of the Files Committee: 1st reading

  53. Alan: do you know where everything is at with the files?

  54. Starla: no; 2C Cheryl & Marie have been going through them

  55. Think access should be limited even more than what is written here

  56. Dalton: to maintain files, they need access

  57. Would Office 365 let anyone get access to a file?

  58. Dalton: would like every paper we have to be there, but you can limit people’s abilities like in Drive (view, comment, edit capabilities)

  59. Want to limit access to the physical files

  60. Dalton: they may need to get to the written file to update it if we change membership agreements, as an example

  61. Marion defended the number of users for a quorum; not necessarily all have access, but can make decisions

  62. John: which file would be the go-to file?

  63. Dalton: would change the information digitally, but also note it on the written file

  64. John: if someone makes a change, is there a changelog?

  65. Dalton: yes

  66. John: could you run a report to see what they were doing?

  67. Dalton: I believe so; will look into it

  68. Dalton: the most current version of a file would probably be the one online; official one would be the written file

  69. Committee would make policy letters

  70. Dalton: would like to skip the 3-reading rule since it doesn’t affect the general membership

  71. John motioned to waive the rule and vote; Robert seconded

  72. Marion-yes, John-yes, Alan-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

  73. Receipts

  74. Glenn C: reimburse PW and B&G expenses: $972.27 Check 783

  75. Robert-yes, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes

  76. John T: reimburse food expenses: $200.23 check 782

  77. Robert-yes, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes

  78. Fuel: $37.27 check 781

  79. Robert-yes, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes

  80. Committee Reports

  81. Building & Grounds: Glenn C

  82. New calendar ready: solstice/ equinox events, work days, PWs on there

  83. Send dates for Family Day and other events to Glenn or Michelle

  84. Dalton: email me a copy

  85. Extended thanks to everyone for work throughout the year

  86. Total of 1027 man-hours spent in just B&G time

  87. New projects to come

  88. Other trailer- kitchen or bath house/ showerroom

  89. We need to get sewer done

  90. Going to try to get items donated for a kitchen

  91. Drum Arbor

  92. Raise it up, add a floor

  93. Chief said someone (Miller from Hardeeville PW?) will build a permanent structure for the Chiefs tent

  94. Build up circle

  95. Dirt: Donnie had a friend bring topsoil in for free

  96. If we could get pledges and ask him for more items, we could get it done quicker

  97. Pond: dig more

  98. Drainage: need to dig places for water to run to

  99. Campground: John T

  100. Rural tourism was passed, so we don’t have to be rezoned

  101. $250 permit, no licenses

  102. Wouldn’t have to deal with DHEC

  103. Glenn C: would like my fundraiser to go toward B&G

  104. John: lots of projects to prioritize; send it to Council

  105. Pauwau: Dalton

  106. Financial breakdown available on handout, still being worked on as receipts come in

  107. Volunteers: sign up; sign in/out at PW to receive credit

  108. Glenn C: we will assign people to jobs & thanks Kayla for help at drink tent

  109. Program book: would like Elders to share stories about themselves or others

  110. Ads: we sold enough to pay for the program book

  111. Cutoff date is 8/15

  112. Larry J: can we put an ordinance on dogs?

  113. Dalton: service animals can go around grounds but not in the circles

  114. Only dogs and mini horses are covered under ADA

  115. They don’t have to have papers or a vest

  116. You can ask if it’s a service animals and what function it serves, but not the person’s disability

  117. John: can we get a count on the people coming in?

  118. Dalton: we’ve tried; Elders are supposed to count wristbands before and after their shift

  119. Glenn C

  120. Thanks to Bill & Susie for all they do; they give almost all of their money back

  121. Starla: including the flag, sage, etc

  122. Do we have another donation account?

  123. Dalton: we can use Square

  124. Glenn: can we set up a Paypal account?

  125. Dalton: will check through Facebook

  126. Ms. Carol Harmon (sp?) at site 1: sending money in for next year in the same site

  127. Lack of security around the circle; most were in one spot

  128. David W should give policy letters to Council, especially concerning how to become a Constable

  129. Alan: make sure all wristbands are given out at the gate

  130. Larry J: have tribal members wear security shirts

  131. Dalton: constables are SLED-licensed & have their own shirts

  132. Volunteer shirts would be nice (ex: Staff)

  133. Drum

  134. Drummed for School Day

  135. John T: is there a policy letter on planting memorial trees?

  136. Alan: think the trees should be indigenous to this area

  137. John: no one’s planting them now, why would it matter?

  138. Alan: just like Arts & Crafts, it should be traditional/ indigenous to this area

  139. Dalton: think they should get approval for the location & type of tree

  140. John: we need to work on tribal development

  141. Feel we’re more a tribe of 40 than 287

  142. We should work on that with federal recognition

  143. Youngest here tonight is 45

  144. Dalton: since we aren’t federally recognized, people have to go to where the work is

  145. John: we need to have a Council Work Day for this

  146. Think we should have classes, lectures, etc

  147. John: Fear tribe will dissolve if Chief hatcher passes

  148. John: Need Council attendance guidelines: also for Council Work Day

  149. John: Elders, elections are coming up

  150. Do we need more guidelines?

  151. Do we have to change the guidelines?

  152. Example: participate in X number of meetings?

  153. Dalton: think it would be a constitutional question for Elders

  154. John: Members being paid for work

  155. Can understand paying people for purchasing supplies

  156. Should Robert/ Marion be paid too since Manyskins was paid?

  157. Should Bill & Susie be paid and not Ronnie F?

  158. For Council Work Day

  159. John: Why do we give money away to other charities (example: Ms. Goodson)?

  160. Alan: we try to help other Natives out

  161. Dalton: for me, example: if I were a poor farmer, I’d still give my neighbor some food so he wouldn’t starve & I’d be willing to put up with the hardship myself

  162. As for Ms. Goodson: I saw houses on I-40 made of cardboard; I’m willing to give up blankets

  163. Marion: church gave us money; we gave them money, end result was 0

  164. Dalton: part of our mandate is to help Natives, not just ourselves

  165. John: Trustees Cemetery Guidelines

  166. There are none

  167. Add to Council Work Day

  168. Michelle: Council, Family Day is coming up, you need to plan

  169. Dalton motioned to have Family Day 2/15; Alan seconded

  170. Robert-yes, Alan-yes, John-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

  171. John: solstice 12/21

  172. John: do we have an allotted amount of money for food?

  173. Michelle: per policy letter, events excluding Pauwau have up to $200 budget

  174. Glenn/ Starla

  175. Thanks for letting us use the grounds for wedding

  176. Thanks to all who shared the day with us

  177. Thanks to Chief Hatcher, Marion for fire, Susan, Lindsay for pictures

  178. Donated $100 to tribe; gave to Chief Hatcher

  179. We’re going to stop selling goodies

  180. Collected $170 and are donating 1/2 back to B&G account

  181. Larry J: Homer mentioned he’d like to see horses on the PW grounds

  182. Dalton/ Michelle: it was a big hit at the PW; people loved it

  183. Ray A: such thing as a complete calendar?

  184. Glenn: we can share it through Drive

  185. Marion: thanks to Glenn for showing guidance to all of us on work days & to everyone who took part in the pauwau

  186. Dalton: thanks to everyone who worked at the Pauwau, to Glenn for all he’s done as an effective & long-lasting B&G manager

Alan motioned to close the meeting; Robert seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 9:03 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 1/2/2020 at 7:29 pm.

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