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Chief Harold D. Hatcher to Receive Honorary Graduate Degree from Coastal Carolina University

The Waccamaw Indian People are proud to announce that our esteemed leader, Chief Harold "Buster" D. Hatcher, will be awarded an honorary graduate degree by Coastal Carolina University during their commencement ceremony this Friday. This honor serves to recognize Chief Hatcher's unwavering advocacy for the rights, recognition, and cultural preservation of the Waccamaw Indian People, as well as his numerous contributions to the broader South Carolina community.

Chief Hatcher has dedicated his life to advancing the understanding and appreciation of Native American heritage, while also working to improve the lives of the Waccamaw Indian People. His leadership has been instrumental in securing state recognition for our tribe, which has opened up opportunities for cultural and social development, as well as access to various resources and benefits.

The honorary degree acknowledges the significant impact that Chief Hatcher has made not only on the Waccamaw Indian People but also on the entire state of South Carolina. As a tireless advocate for the preservation of Native American history and culture, Chief Hatcher's work has contributed greatly to the cultural landscape of the region.

The Waccamaw Indian People are honored that Coastal Carolina University has chosen to bestow this well-deserved recognition upon Chief Harold D. Hatcher, reflecting a shared commitment to celebrating the rich cultural history of South Carolina and promoting an inclusive and diverse educational environment.

Please join us in congratulating Chief Hatcher on this momentous occasion and in expressing our gratitude for his lifelong dedication to the Waccamaw Indian People and the wider community.

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22 de jun.

Many congratulations Chief Hatcher. You are a humble man but success for one signifies success for the many.

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