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Letters of Intent: Elections 2020

Posted at the Request of Council Member Dalton Hatcher: Chief of Elders Hatcher, Council of Elders, and to the members of the Waccamaw Indian People, I am announcing my intention to run for the Chief of Tribal Council. I have served on the Tribal Council since 2008, and have served on the Pauwau Committee, the Constitutional Committee, the Arts and Crafts Committee, the Elections Committee, and now on the Files Committee. I want to help push our tribe forward into our collective future together for ourselves, our children, and their children, for seven generations yet unborn. I hope to earn your vote and your support, and to prove worthy of it. Thank you for your time and consideration, Cou

February 2020 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/7/2020 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC CM’s Marion, Alan, John, Robert, CoC Rick present. Elder Glenn T present. Financial Report General Fund: $24,245.92 Online Votes 1/27: Accept January 2020 Open Meeting Summary John-absent, Dalton-absent, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, Robert-yes, Rick-yes Old Business John T’s Email Building Interest Classes: language, history Movie Night Dalton: Have a Family Day each month the day after the open meeting Council Agenda No tabling issues Policy & Procedure book with private web access Allocate money for projects Should do a budget every year Glenn C: already working on windows Rick: think we need another event to increase f


If you plan to run for Council, we have four spots open: Rick Hudnall, John Turner, Dalton Hatcher, and Robert Benton. Please send your letter of intent by 2/29/2020. Remember, if you plan to run for Chief of Council, you must declare it. We will post the letters of intent on the website and on Facebook as well as send them by email.

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