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COVID-19 Testing on Waccamaw Tribal Grounds

4 days until August 18th! From Chief Hatcher: Tanakahey y'all: Just a reminder. We will do a free to the public, #Covid19 test on the 18th of August from 8 am until 11 am on our tribal grounds. That's Tuesday, one week from today, if you get this on Tuesday the 11th of August. I have only a couple of volunteers. I may need more but we won't be in the swabbing or recording part of it. As I understand it, all our people will be doing is directing the cars through the site. Wear a mask, show up on the grounds at 7:30 AM and we'll get it done. Send this out and post as you can and will. If you want to be tested, show up about 8 am and follow instructions from the volunteers. If you are good at m

Phone (843) 358-6877

591 Bluewater Rd, Aynor, SC 29511, United States