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January 2023 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 1/13/2023 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Susan, Glenn, Marie, Marion, and Robert were present. VC Cheryl served as a proxy for CoC Dalton and conducted the meeting. 2C Alan & Chief Hatcher were present. Elder Larry J was present.

  2. Members present include Jeanie W, Carol L, Starla C, Nancy J, Clayton G, John T, Jennifer R, and Dr. Sara Rich.

  3. Financial Report (as of 1/13/2023 at 3:36 am)

    1. General Fund: $26,674.49

    2. Building Fund: $3267.00

    3. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  4. Old Business

    1. Online Votes

      1. 1/6 Approve December meeting summary with changes

        1. 6(b)(i)(2) should be Clayton, not Larry

        2. 6(b)(iv) should be VC Bill, not Freddie from Santee

        3. 6(g)(v) should be for her mother, not Chief

        4. Susan- yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Marion-yes,VC Cheryl (Dalton)- yes

  5. New Business

    1. Receipts: Glenn C: will present them next month

    2. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn C

        1. Received a check from Travis C for $1000

        2. Work Day 1/14/2023

          1. VC Cheryl: Rick Huffman will be there for a grounds assessment/ design

      2. Grants: VC Cheryl

        1. Anthropocene Alliance- utilize it for bigger projects- $4000

          1. Grounds, trails, museum, cultural education

          2. 11 am meeting 1/14 for project planning

        2. Looking at grants through CCU for a museum and gardens

      3. Pauwau: Michelle

        1. Michelle was nominated for and accepted the Chairperson position

        2. Need Council to confirm Randi C and Jeanie W as voting members to replace VC Cheryl and Mathea

          1. VC Cheryl motioned to accept Randi C & Jeanie W as voting members on the PW Committee; Robert seconded

          2. Susan- yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Marion-yes,VC Cheryl (Dalton)- yes

        3. We started working on the budget

        4. Looking for volunteers

        5. Request Council give the gate responsibility back to the committee

        6. Need a story on the history & traditions of the drum for the program book (including why it is traditionally men)

        7. We like the idea of a Jr. HM/HL if they are interested

        8. Susan: from Outbrief, people were driving across the grounds and jumping hay bales to get into the circle

          1. The radios weren’t working

          2. Good gate close time

          3. Vendors & campers coming in during School Day

          4. Glenn C suggested putting up a gate and making people wait to get onto the grounds

          5. Glenn C: safety for children; I’ll get prices

          6. A rope isn’t sufficient

          7. VC Cheryl: we will also need it as we develop the grounds

          8. Maybe put a sign at the gate as well stating the hours they can set up

          9. Food for dancers: need a better system; perhaps utilize CCU volunteers

          10. I Need to redo the School Day schedule

          11. We had a lot of comments about the HM during School Day

          12. He had a tantrum over the music he requested

          13. Someone changed vendors’ spots, despite them being in the right spots

          14. VC Cheryl suggested hangers (parking passes) for campers and vendors

          15. Sign-up sheets are needed for appreciation letters

          16. Michelle: we found them once we got home

          17. We had a good School Day & Pauwau; we appreciate everyone

          18. The program book was wonderful; we sold out

          19. Susan read a letter from Joan A to Council

        9. 2C Alan: Can we get sponsors for the PW?

          1. VC Cheryl: add corporate sponsorship to the PW agenda

          2. Could add it to the road signs too: “Sponsored by X”

        10. Nancy J: send me the information about a lady with a bus of special needs kids on Saturday

      4. Files: VC Cheryl

        1. Meeting 1/14 after planning event, approximately 1 pm

        2. Susan: I sent an honorary certificate in July, still need opinions

        3. 2C Alan: if they want to be a member, they’ll work for it

        4. VC Cheryl: they can lose their membership

          1. Susan: So they can stay honorary?

          2. VC Cheryl: Hunka would be more than honorary

          3. We can discuss it in the meeting

          4. Susan: Why can’t it be 7 years like a regular ID?

          5. Michelle: If I remember correctly, the constitution says it can be up to 7 years (Article IV(B))

          6. VC Cheryl: we may need a constitutional amendment

      5. Newsletter: VC Cheryl

        1. We are looking for someone to do it; can be done remotely, preferably with Adobe and Publisher experience

          1. Email Michelle at [email protected] if interested

          2. Debbie B was willing to teach someone

    3. VC Cheryl

      1. Meeting tomorrow- community project planning event

        1. Ronnie F suggested teaching skills (traps and fire)

        2. Susan H suggested arts & crafts classes

        3. Mentioned to Glenn C about using the drum twice per year

        4. Nancy J wants to use the horse on the grounds more than just PW

        5. Carol can teach regalia

        6. David H is getting materials for the longhouse

        7. Gardens, trails, living museum

        8. Need to engage with our young people more

        9. Need to protect our land

        10. It would look like a cultural and educational center

        11. We have support from the Winyah Rivers Alliance, HGTC, Nancy Basket, Chris Judge (archeologist)

        12. We have support from Indigenize SC task force: accurately portray our history

          1. If done right, other tribes will want to do the same

        13. It’s a lot of work, but a lot of people want to help

    4. 2C Alan

      1. Meeting in March/ April with the state museum

    5. John T: are major expenses left to come out of the Building Fund?

      1. Michelle: the only other expense I’m aware of is a check to Aki from the General Fund

        1. Secretary’s Note: 1/17: she found her check and it cleared 1/23

      2. Is there a grant for converting an old office into a museum?

        1. VC Cheryl: there should be

          1. You can put in the cost of updating a museum and include refurbished/ new costs

          2. It could also be part of a larger building (an add-on)

          3. Example: Impact Grant on climate resiliency by the Woodard & Curran Foundation

      3. CCU Archiving Project

        1. Need pictures, historical information, arrowheads, and pottery from the area

        2. I would prefer crafts from Waccamaw members

      4. What happens to the items in the Conway museum?

        1. The goal is to have our own building

        2. John T: those items would need to come back here

          1. VC Cheryl: right now, they aren’t looking at removing the display

      5. Thoughts on emptying the trailer

        1. Glenn C: there are clothes and a display still in there

        2. Elder Larry J: hold a yard sale for the stuff from Jewel in there

        3. VC Cheryl: the front room still has things in it

          1. The plumbing and electricity need to be hooked back up

        4. Elder Larry J: a couple of windows were knocked out too

          1. VC Cheryl: we need a work day just for that

    6. VC Cheryl: we got a list of sites where remains were removed

      1. Screen shared a table explaining the year, site locations, and the number of sets of remains:

        1. 1983: Holliday site: 26 remains: was part of the Dimery settlement

        2. 1984-85: Holliday site: 42 remains

        3. Wachesaw: 5 sets

        4. Georgetown/ Horry county: close to 100 sets were not repatriated

    7. Dr. Sara Rich: here to offer support for individuals

      1. I would like you to partner with a project: tree rings to trace forest stewardship, controlled burning

        1. It would make you part of the grant

        2. You are the historical caretakers of this land

        3. Samples from Long Leaf, Ocean Bay, CCU, and Sandy Island taken

          1. I’ve been leaving sage as a sign of gratitude

  6. Next meeting: 2/3/2023

Vice Chief Cheryl motioned to close the meeting; Marie seconded.

Susan- yes, Glenn-yes, Marie-yes, Robert-yes, Marion-yes,VC Cheryl (Dalton)- yes

The meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 1/25/2023 at 11:19 am.


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