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June 2021 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 6/4/2021 held via Zoom

  1. CM’s Susan, Marie, Glenn, Alan, and CoC Dalton present. VC Cheryl and Filekeeper Starla present. Kevin D and Carol Ann also present.

  2. Financial Report (as of 6/2/2021, 11:45am on the CNB site)

    1. General Fund: $15,191.18

    2. Building Fund: $4598.29

    3. Cemetery Fund: $100.00

  3. New Business

    1. Online Votes

      1. 5/14 Create Cemetery Bank Account & allow SCIAC to camp on grounds

        1. Susan-yes, yes; Marie-yes,yes; Alan-yes, yes; Glenn-yes with stipulations, no; Dalton-yes,yes

      2. 5/19 May 2021 Meeting Summary accepted with changes

        1. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes

    2. Receipts

      1. Fuel: $75.27

      2. Tractor: $56.50

      3. Alan motioned to accept all receipts; Marie seconded

        1. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes

          1. Fuel: Check 814 General Fund

          2. Tractor: Check 1060 Building Fund

    3. Discussion: In-person meetings beginning August or September

      1. Dalton: close to 50% adults are vaccinated

      2. Alan: How many in tribal government have had their shots?

        1. A few haven’t

      3. How can we do social distancing and masks?

        1. Marie: just had two tests and both were negative; can’t get the shot right now

        2. Susan: let unvaccinated participate via Zoom

          1. At the office, we can suggest they wear masks

      4. Dalton: long-term, I would like to have the office set up with both Zoom and in-person meetings

        1. Susan: When do you want to have the first in-person meeting?

          1. Dalton: try a first run in July

          2. Create a Facebook message with Zoom link or tell them to have mask with them

          3. Susan/ Marie motioned to have the first in-person meeting in July with Zoom link available; Alan seconded

          4. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Glenn-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes

    4. Committee Reports

      1. Building & Grounds: Glenn

        1. Cleaned up a fallen tree

        2. Weedeating to be done

        3. Alan: anything on sewer?

          1. Glenn: no

          2. Chief Hatcher: they have to ask a bunch of questions

      2. Arts and Crafts

        1. Alan: meeting on 6/28 to look at the exhibit and storage

          1. They would like to give a small space for each recognized tribe

          2. Going to try to do Zoom with it too

        2. Chief Hatcher: would like to see rank feathers for Council

        3. Susan: designed the layout for chokers for Council, 2C, Chief

          1. Can come up with one for other offices

          2. Will email a copy to Council

      3. Pauwau

        1. Pauwau Business cards ordered

        2. Flyers ready to be made

        3. Most demonstrators are nailed down for this year

        4. Look at different fundraisers

        5. Susan: School Day: 10 letters sent to superintendents, received 1 letter back from school who has never been here

        6. Next meeting 6/10/2021 6:30pm via Zoom

      4. Campground

        1. Glenn: no update from GSWSA, other than they had to order parts

    5. Files

      1. Glenn: met two Saturdays ago and agreed to let Carol Ann do calls on membership questionnaire

        1. Carol Ann: still missing what’s missing in the files

          1. Marie: will get it to her soon

      2. Voted to put Marie as point-of-contact for Carol Ann

      3. Sent out a few ID cards this week

      4. Glenn: next meeting 6/19/2021; also Fire Ceremony day

      5. Glenn: all mail for files/ files committee goes to the tribal office

    6. Susan

      1. Received a phone call from a lady at the office wanting to go in

        1. Told her we didn’t have someone there at the office; she was upset

        2. Need a sign for the door (ex: office hours)

      2. Looking at bank account transactions

        1. Electric bill: make sure everything is turned off when you leave

        2. Bank accounts

          1. Dirt needs to come from the B&G fund

          2. That money needs to be moved back to General Fund

          3. Need to make sure money is coming from the right account

          4. Michelle: tell me which account you want things to come from

    7. VC Cheryl

      1. Are we going to use the same template for the newsletter?

        1. Glenn: give Debra J something to go by, let her create, and bring it to Council

      2. We need an Information Person

        1. Glenn: think the newsletter should have something from all departments

          1. Hard to pinpoint one person, but Debra J may be able to do it

        2. Susan: like the program book, it’s hard to get individual people to add their item

          1. Went out and got my own

          2. VC Cheryl: do you have a template to give her?

          3. Susan: on top of it; talked to Glenn earlier

    8. Chief Hatcher

      1. Phil White resigned as 2C; replacing him with Alan

        1. Leaves an empty Council seat

        2. Alan saves me time in Columbia

        3. Glenn: concerned he can be 2C and non-core

          1. VC Cheryl: Vice Chief and Chief have to be core, but not 2C

        4. Chief Hatcher: there is an isn’t a problem with the clause in the constitution

          1. I think that Council could make an exception

        5. Glenn: if you set these stipulations, you’re going to have fewer that can be Chief

          1. Chief Hatcher: I agree

        6. Chief Hatcher: the thing that created that clause possibly arose from the land and people wanting to take over the tribe

          1. VC Cheryl: They were laying out where they were going to build things

          2. Blood quantum would be the end of tribes

        7. Chief Hatcher: can’t ignore the rights of people who work for us, but we don’t want to open the position to crooks either

          1. Perhaps require a certain amount of time on Council first

        8. Alan and Starla C to work on applications together

          1. Work by email

          2. Use embossing seal on the original

    9. Glenn: Two packages at the office

      1. Susan: will be picked up Monday

Susan motioned to close the meeting; Marie seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 6/14/2021 at 2:09 pm.


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