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June 2024 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 6/7/2024  held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Susan, Chris, Marion, and Glenn were present. 2C Alan served as a proxy for CM Emily. Elders Becky S, Ronnie H, Glenn T, Charles H, and Larry J were present. 2C Alan, Acting Chief Cheryl, and Chief Hatcher were present.

  2. Members Carolyn D, Steven T, Carol H, Aaron F, Rebecca F, David Baskin, John T, Tracey G, Starla C, Lisa L, Shannon O, Sara R, Scott B, Kristin M, Coby F, Kevin D, Charles A, and Jennifer R were present.

  3. Financial Report (as of 6/6/2024 at 3:31 pm)

  4. General Fund: $40,272.81

  5. Building Fund: $1816.21

  6. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  7. Old Business

  8. Online Votes

  9. 5/22: Approve May Open Meeting Summary

  10. Susan-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, 2C Alan (Emily)-yes, Robert- absent, Dalton-absent

  11. Survey Quotes

  12. Susan: calling them on Monday

  13. Policy Letters

  14. Marion: I couldn’t open them

  15. Susan: I will try sending them individually

  16. TN Land Sale

  17. ACC Cheryl: no response from Greg Smith’s office

  18. The ex-wife of Jerry Brown may still be living there & may have rights

  19. They’ll have the TN office handle it

  20. It may be a good idea to hold onto it because of its conservation value

  21. We could use it as a trade for land here

  22. A party that might be interested is the Holliday family

  23. I think Jerry Brown would want us to benefit

  24. Marion: I agree with the conservation part

  25. Glenn: as far as the ex-wife, they weren’t there 3 years ago

  26. AC Cheryl: they may have legal rights or heirs though

  27. Chief Hatcher: there were land estates given to Jerry Brown and his wife

  28. At his death, they were divorced and the judge didn’t give her the land in the divorce

  29. We should call her (Donna)

  30. Marion: or contact her lawyer

  31. Susan: we should & explore this later

  32. SC Thrive

  33. Susan: I haven’t heard anything from them

  34. Brookgreen Gardens

  35. Susan: we have met in the last couple of weeks and they want to work with us

  36. I asked Robin about the documents

  37. She said there weren’t any, but there were artifacts, but we were welcome to come to view them

  38. Documents may be stored at CCU

  39. They’d like us to have a mini-pw there

  40. Native Americans- they won’t want to pay fees ($14.50+)

  41. I explained how a PW works to Robin and Teresa

  42. Chris: we could have a JR HM/HL there

  43. Susan: I’m not sure of the logistics

  44. I told her it would be next year and determined by the PWs in the area

  45. I told her I’d bring it to the Council to discuss

  46. 2C Alan: do it early in the year to not conflict with ours

  47. Susan: I think the area by the education center, another area is by the suk, or by the river depending on the rain are good sites to do it

  48. Susan: they want to change out our displays

  49. AC Cheryl: there are people all over with artifacts

  50. Chris Judge said we should have time with the community to share a display

  51. I’m not sure Brookgreen is the ideal spot for that

  52. Carolyn: Brookgreen has had that before & could host it

  53. SC has an advocational site form

  54. Fill it out and help with mapping

  55. Susan: as for our PW, vendors don’t need a vendor license, unsure about Brookgreen

  56. Robin would need to check in to it since it’s in a different county

  57. Susan: I told her I’d bring it to Council to see if they want to do it

  58. Chris: need to make a working budget

  59. Susan: and she has a list of potential grants

  60. Susan: she said to give her a list of people coming

  61. I think they should just show their tribal ID card

  62. They will buy all the materials for the suk

  63. AC Cheryl: do they want just us on the suk?

  64. Susan: I’ll ask her

  65. Marion: I think I need to work on the longhouse with David H

  66. AC Cheryl: I went to Occaneechi Village & have pictures & notes

  67. More than just Ocanneechi were there

  68. Maybe partner with Winyah or Santee and do an intertribal event

  69. Susan: Wassamasaw or Edisto

  70. AC Cheryl: I think they may be too far away

  71. Susan: it’s good for the PW

  72. AC Cheryl: I’m thinking the starting point to the Black River

  73. Hold an intertribal PW

  74. Susan: it doesn’t hurt to ask

  75. New Business

  76. Committee Reports

  77. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn & Marion

  78. Glenn: nothing to report

  79. Marion: we need to get the plumbing done; hire a contractor

  80. Let Chris find one to give us a quote and vote online

  81. Austin may give us a price

  82. We need to get the grounds ready for campers

  83. Marion: motion to hire a contractor after getting a quote; 2C Alan (Emily) seconded

  84. AC Cheryl: can we get a timeline on the work to be done?

  85. Chris: he can give you that

  86. Marion: motion amended: find someone to do the work, get the price, and let AC Cheryl or CoC Dalton put it up for a vote

  87. Susan-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, 2C Alan (Emily)-yes, Robert- absent, Dalton-absent

  88. Grants: AC Cheryl & Michelle

  89. Donnelley Grant: pending

  90. Susan: they sent an honorarium payment

  91. We had to go back & fix the budget to add WRA

  92. It is subgranted by AR

  93. It is specific to the mapping project, research, community involvement

  94. We need to hold community events to gather information on old records & details

  95. It will help towards federal recognition

  96. Dollar A Day Fund: $1000

  97. It was filled out

  98. Rematriation Project

  99. EPA Community Change Grant: put together a master plan

  100. Expanded land area

  101. Expand the trail to the other side of the Pee Dee River

  102. Due on 11/21

  103. Outside Justice: up to $40,000

  104. Use for Fishing Day & youth projects

  105. 2C Alan: don’t forget the Methodist Church: $500

  106. Use it for regalia and mentors

  107. SCAC: they said they never received it even though I have a copy of the completed app

  108. It would have been our third or fourth time getting it, which would be unlikely

  109. Dr. Dillian: we still have some money left for the longhouse

  110. Ask David H about the supplies needed

  111. Newsletter: Susan

  112. We need to get it out

  113. I think if a person takes on the responsibility to do it, they should get it sent out too

  114. Marion: I did it last time and would be happy to do it again

  115. Chief Hatcher: I thought you were using M&M/.

  116. Susan: I think the rumor was that not everyone was getting one

  117. Glenn: I thought it was expensive

  118. Susan: no it wasn’t

  119. Chief Hatcher: what did M&M charge?

  120. Marion: we’d have to look

  121. Susan: we need to get a handle on it

  122. If there’s a problem with it, just remove the statements (letters)

  123. PW: AC Cheryl & Michelle

  124. Looking for new stories of local cultural history

  125. Fundraisers

  126. Donuts: $0

  127. Popcorn: $109.93

  128. Looking for pictures of traditional suks and regalia

  129. Working on demonstrators to finalize the flier 

  130. Chris: Glenn Morris, a flute player, will charge $200 for the weekend

  131. CCU Archiving Projects

  132. Welcome any new items

  133. Files

  134. Barbara Ingram (honorary)

  135. Helen Griffin (honorary)

  136. Fechers (need to verify genealogy before moving to full membership)

  137. Michelle: are we having a meeting tomorrow?

  138. Susan & AC Cheryl: no

  139. Longhouse Project

  140. Marion: David H sent a text: he won’t be here tomorrow

  141. I will debark tomorrow

  142. AC Cheryl: David got metal in his eye last time

  143. Reminder: Fire Ceremony on 6/22 at 6:10 am

  144. AC Cheryl: and on 9/21, if we get the grant, mapping and other things will happen

  145. 2C Alan: Grey Court PAIA PW on 6/8

  146. AC Cheryl

  147. We received a plaque from the Historic Preservation Commission

  148. Susan Platt has been a strong advocate & has written a lot of grants

  149. Preservation might not be a building

  150. Their office is under the Planning & Zoning Department

  151. AC Cheryl: motion to enter the tribal grounds' ancestral lands into the Horry County Preservation Commission Registry

  152. Marion: what is the positive of being on the list?

  153. AC Cheryl: the county acknowledges the land belonged to this group of people

  154. In 1720, there was a war with the Waccamaw: history says that all Waccamaw were killed/ eradicated or went to Catawba

  155. 27 years later, there was Waccamaw, a Waccamaw village, etc…

  156. Our land was conquested 100 years ago

  157. Marion: if we can register it, we should fill out the application

  158. AC Cheryl: the cemetery is on tribal land; the location would just show here

  159. Chris & Susan: it’d best to wait until the map is done

  160. Glenn: are there any legal implications?

  161. AC Cheryl: it would say the county acknowledges us, but just at this location

  162. AC Cheryl: we should pause until we have more information

  163. Susan: do the map until we have more facts

  164. Draft Treaty

  165. No edits or comments

  166. It will be voted on 6/14 by the Council of Chiefs

  167. On the signing day, the media will be there

  168. The copy given to the Council is not the current copy

  169. Marion: will the signing be in Columbia?

  170. AC Cheryl: probably

  171. Chief Hatcher: the Catawba longhouse would be better

  172. Chief Hatcher

  173. The land goes all the way to the Black River

  174. We can narrow it down for them if needed

  175. Gene Martin passed away a couple of days ago

  176. I give him credit for natives in this state

  177. His nephew would like to have a memorial service on the grounds on 6/15, 11 am-3 pm

  178. He’ll need to use tables & chairs; they set up and tear down

  179. I asked Dalton and he said okay with no charge

  180. The service is open to us

  181. His ashes: Marion would decide if he could add them to the fire circle

  182. On 6/18, there is a meeting with Congressman Russell Fry

  183. I have asked CCU to attend with AC Cheryl

  184. Ask him to resubmit the bill

  185. Dr. Dillian will be in England doing research for us

  186. AC Cheryl: CMA wants to as well

  187. Elder nominations

  188. Scott Beaver

  189. Susan-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, 2C Alan (Emily)-yes, Robert- absent, Dalton-absent

  190. Oath of Office given by Chief Hatcher

  191. Randy Wood

  192. He has worked with us for years & wants to be a firekeeper

  193. Marion-abstain, Glenn-abstain, 2C Alan (Emily)-abstain, Robert- absent, Dalton-absent

  194. 2C Alan: wonder if he has enough experience

  195. Glenn: we ought to have more knowledge of the tribe and its operations

  196. Marion: he needs more experience within the tribe; he’s done great work so far

  197. He comes to all meetings, fires, etc…

  198. Elders

  199. Charles A: land in TN

  200. Hardly none here; hold on to what you’ve got

  201. Chief Hatcher: it’s 47 acres, unsure who goes on it

  202. AC Cheryl: the cemetery fence needs to be done

  203. Susan: when will it be fixed?

  204. Glenn: I’ve been working on it with Richard T

  205. Chief Hatcher: what are we going to do with the cemetery trustees; they don’t report here

  206. Issues with trustees

  207. Linda A. wants a site; I contacted the chair of the trustees and got no response

  208. You can’t tell which site is whose

  209. Glenn: let me talk to Glenn, Richard, and Wayne

  210. Larry J: they set guidelines

  211. They moved my and Nancy’s site 4 times

  212. AC Cheryl: it can come back on us

  213. Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility

  214. If it’s not being done, we need to change them

  215. The land belongs to the tribe, not the trustees

  216. Glenn: Hilda’s daughter is liable to sue us for rights

  217. Chief Hatcher: they did sue us

  218. SC Cheryl: the tribe can sue the trustees for poor management

  219. AC Cheryl: motion to move the $500 honorarium from the Donnelley grant  into the grant account; Marion seconded

  220. Susan-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, 2C Alan (Emily)-yes, Robert- absent, Dalton-absent

2C Alan motioned to close the meeting; Glenn seconded.

Susan-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, 2C Alan (Emily)-yes, Robert- absent, Dalton-absent

The meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 6/21/2024 at 1:55 pm.


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