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October 2023 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/6/2023 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Chris, Robert, Emily, Susan, Marion, Glenn, and CoC Dalton were present. Elders Charles, Ronnie, Larry, and CoE Becky were present. 2C Alan, VC Cheryl, and Chief Hatcher were present.

  2. Members Clayton G, Nancy J, Betty L, Randy W, Stephen W, Carol H, David B, Josh W, Lisa L, Starla C, Kevin D, Rebecca F, Aaron F, and Cody F were present.

  3. Financial Report (as of 10/5/2023 at 8:26 pm)

    1. General Fund: $33,769.21

    2. Building Fund: $3026.16

    3. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  4. Old Business

    1. September Meeting Summary

      1. Glenn motioned to approve; Robert seconded

        1. Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

    2. Bids on a copier that will do 11x17 paper

      1. Susan: 2 copier quotes

        1. Brother: $399, ink is $120 unless you pay by subscription

        2. HP: $359, ink is $135 unless you pay by subscription

        3. Glenn motioned to get the HP copier; Robert seconded

          1. Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

        4. Glenn motioned to get the $11.99 subscription (300 pages); Robert seconded

          1. Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

        5. Michelle/ Susan to purchase

  5. New Business

    1. Receipts

      1. Fuel

        1. Susan: one said prepaid

          1. Chief Hatcher: I paid some money on the bill and he said we had overpaid one month

        2. $144.59 Check 1072 B&G

          1. Susan motioned to pay; Chris seconded

          2. Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

      2. Glenn: tractor receipt: $115.67 Check 1071 B&G

        1. Susan motioned to reimburse Glenn; Glenn seconded

          1. Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

          2. Glenn said to make it for $65.67; he paid for a PW ad

    2. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

        1. Work Day 10/7, 10/14 @ 8:30 am

          1. Water leaks on grounds, benches, tables

        2. Donnie spread rocks in the parking area

        3. Marion has worked out here

        4. Some cemetery work

        5. PW Gate: no answer from Tractor Supply about a donation

          1. Marion: I say go ahead and do it so it will be ready by PW

          2. Elder Charles: I brought some fencing out here; it just needs repair on the ends

          3. Nancy said there was a wrought iron frame for $1600

          4. Marion motioned to purchase a gate from Tractor Supply and put it up before PW; Robert seconded

          5. Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

          6. Glenn: I could use what I can of Charles’ fence for the middle gate

      2. Arts & Crafts: Susan

        1. I taught an OLLIE class on Monday at Independent Living

      3. Grants: Chief Hatcher

        1. Regarding the $20k grant we requested: they called and will probably knock it down to $2k

      4. Pauwau: Dalton

        1. The budget was submitted for approval

          1. Susan motioned to accept; Chris seconded

          2. Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

        2. Program Book

          1. The book was shared with the Council in Drive

          2. Did Lindsey tell Brian how many books to print?

          3. Susan: we can tell him when we get the proof copy

          4. Glenn motioned to approve the book; Susan seconded

          5. Robert-abstain, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

        3. T-shirts

          1. Elder Becky: CCU helps so much; we should get CCU volunteers shirts so people know they are volunteers

          2. Marion: is there a way to get shirts with “Volunteer” on them?

          3. Susan: it could be printed with WIP on the front, Volunteer on the back

          4. CoC Dalton: if you want to get something that fits everyone, get hats

          5. Susan: wristbands too

          6. CoC Dalton: let them get the shirt at cost

          7. VC Cheryl: open a store and set it open for certain dates

        4. Susan: Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Katie Keech does radio

          1. They will do promos for nonprofits & I put in a request for the week of PW

          2. A 2-hour spot on the day of the PW: $1500-35%

          3. On 11/3 at 1:00 pm, we are doing a ribbon cutting with them and WAVE104

          4. Chris: should we wear regalia?

          5. Susan: it wouldn’t hurt

          6. Chris: will it be videoed?

          7. Susan: we can FB Live it and share it

          8. CoC Dalton: we need an Ambassador to the Chamber of Commerce

          9. VC Cheryl: an Ambassador & Junior Ambassador

          10. Chris: we need more younger people involved

          11. VC Cheryl: we need to establish an end goal, like a scholarship

        5. On 10/30, EZ-Dump will deliver the dumpster

        6. CoC Dalton: with our HM issues this year, how long do people train to be HM?

          1. Chris: I’m not sure and unsure if there is a minimum age requirement

      5. Drum

        1. Glenn: nothing new yet

      6. CCU Archiving Project

        1. Michelle: Jennifer R. would like to make & print fliers to give out during the PW; she would create one to get approval

      7. Files

        1. 2C Alan presented files for:

          1. Nathan Kanapaux (honorary)

          2. Randy W (honorary to non-core full member)

          3. Carol H (honorary to non-core full member)

          4. Sara R (honorary to non-core full member)

          5. David H (honorary to non-core full member)

          6. Secretary’s Note: on inspection, these files need to be signed off by 2C Alan

        2. Meeting 10/7/2023 @ 3:00 pm to make ID cards

      8. Newsletter

        1. Susan: I can do it again; I just need help

          1. CoC Dalton: Michelle & I can help

    3. 2C Alan

      1. 10/21 Wassamasaw PW in Moncks Corner

      2. 11/11 Cheraw PW in Sumter

    4. Chief Hatcher

      1. By law, we have to have a % of kinfolk, but we do have Hunka membership (relative by choice)

        1. Tom & Diane Lorenz

          1. They gave Quilts of Valor to Chief Hatcher, Doug, and Judge Bernard

      2. There was a controversy over our HM this year

        1. I saw a jingle dancer being HL and a grass dancer being HM

          1. Chris: Nakoma was HM not long ago at another PW

        2. I talked with David P and he has suggestions that the PW committee and Council should listen to

          1. Luck of the Draw: have the dollar amounts be all the same & have more of them

          2. Drum competition

      3. No women can be on the drum or hold a drumstick

      4. VC Cheryl’s sister passed away recently

      5. Jerry Brown passed away; we have no one on the grounds in TN anymore

        1. VC Cheryl is looking into the paperwork

          1. VC Cheryl: before 4/15, there is a lady who does farm-to-table meals

          2. I want to check if the land in TN was a life estate (would go to the spouse)

          3. Also looking into land trusts (would go to organization for maintenance & protecting the land)

          4. We would be transferring the land over, but I think the wishes of Jerry B would have been met

    5. VC Cheryl

      1. Craig Sasser: Wildlife Refuge

      2. Whitehead: Black River Project

        1. It’s connected to the Waccamaw because at one time the Waccamaw were living on the south side

        2. They start looking around that river and the land at the Little Pee Dee

          1. Our ancestors used that land for fishing and camping

      3. Holliday site: they excavated and removed 68 human remains

      4. We are trying to protect what we have and, hopefully, acquire more, becoming stewards of that area of TN

    6. Chief Hatcher

      1. Land in TN: taxes due: $435 Check 851 GF

      2. PW is stacking up well

        1. TV interviews: Ronnie F, Susan, VC Cheryl

          1. VC Cheryl: Ronnie will be attending Waccamaw Refuge and demonstrating trappings, tools, etc…

        2. Chief Hatcher: our PW is the largest in the state

        3. Dignitary letters were mailed out

        4. Folk Fabulous Event this week 10/14

    7. CoC Dalton: Tribal Council, please check your email every couple of days

      1. You can approve the minutes as soon as you read them; you don’t have to wait for me

        1. Read the summary and offer corrections if needed

    8. Marion: Deborah C passed away recently

    9. VC Cheryl: Elders, we need more interviews for the Library of Congress

      1. Dan & Linda will

      2. Becky, Larry, Charles, and Ronnie will

    10. CoC Dalton: Files work day 10/7

      1. VC Cheryl: I would like it to be late evening

        1. Marion: what time?

          1. VC Cheryl: can probably be here by 3 pm

      2. CoC Dalton: can you train Chelle on how to make ID cards?

        1. VC Cheryl: yes; the more people who can do it, the better

        2. Kevin D has been offering to give us a laptop when he buys a new one

          1. Kevin D: I’m going to Rapid City this week to get a new one

          2. CoC Dalton: the laptop is probably 6 years old; I think the ID printer is older than that

    11. Elder Larry: Nancy & I purchased and are donating a Sno-Cone machine

    12. Sno-Cone machine was donated by Elder Larry, Nancy, & Clayton

Glenn motioned to close the meeting; Chris seconded.

Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

The meeting adjourned at 9:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 10/26//2023 at 4:45 p.m.


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