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September 2021 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 8/6/2021 held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Susan, Marie, Glenn, Marion, and CoC Dalton present. 2C John, VC Cheryl, Elder Larry J, and Filekeeper Starla present. CM Robert joined via Zoom at 8:21pm.

  2. Financial Report (as of 9/2/2021, 11:36am on the CNB site)

  3. General Fund: $18487.27

  4. Building Fund: $4390.83

  5. Cemetery Fund: $288.00 (CNB) + $1560.96

  6. Online Votes

  7. 8/9 Approve getting security cameras

  8. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-no, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  9. 8/18 Cancel Pauwau due to rising Covid numbers

  10. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  11. 8/26 Approve August meeting summary

  12. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  13. 8/28 Approve fuel receipts totalling $56.00

  14. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  15. New Business

  16. CoC Dalton swore Chris Hatcher in as CM

  17. Receipts

  18. Glenn to check with Sunhouse

  19. Bank Balances

  20. Susan and Michelle to work on this together

  21. Committee Reports

  22. Building & Grounds: Glenn C

  23. Price jumped on materials for sewer project

  24. Chris H to see about getting them at a lower price

  25. Chris H: just give me a list

  26. Cameras installed

  27. Only working on 2.4Ghz, not 5

  28. 2C John: Marion said there were 39 barrels still here

  29. Susan: we can do what we want with them

  30. Glenn: do a driveby for members

  31. Susan: make up bags for normal PW weekend

  32. Yard sale items still here too

  33. 2C John: Can you do both a yard sale and giveaway?

  34. Glenn: would suggest different times

  35. Marion: items are different sizes & colors; would be better to let people pick through them

  36. Dalton: could take to Habitat for Humanity

  37. Chris H: or Toys for Tots

  38. Susan: If Habitat sells it, why can’t we?

  39. 2C John: Goodwill will take it all

  40. Susan: motion to offer it for tribal members until 11/1 to go through the items, give to charity after; Glenn seconded

  41. VC Cheryl: difference is Habitat will pick it up

  42. 2C John: how would we advertise it?

  43. Susan, Glenn: Facebook

  44. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  45. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  46. Nothing new

  47. Pauwau: Dalton, Susan

  48. Pauwau 2021 canceled

  49. Susan: some vendors have sent checks, sending them back

  50. Some vendors said to hold their check for next year

  51. Any future checks that come in will be sent back with a letter

  52. Glenn: emailed my contacts

  53. Michelle: Do we still need a meeting Thursday?

  54. Susan: need to finish T-shirt order

  55. Susan: Chief Hatcher suggests instead of the number of years we’ve had the Pauwau, just put the year on the front of the program book (ex: 2022 Pauwau)

  56. Pauwau committee and Council to discuss it

  57. Drum: Glenn

  58. We played at Richia’s funeral

  59. Campground: Glenn

  60. In same position as last month

  61. Dalton: Last month, you said it would cost approximately $70k to upgrade?

  62. Glenn: people at the sewer place put an amount on it for hookups at each site

  63. Codes for County, EMS Right-of-way

  64. Dalton: would do a dump station to start; it’s cheaper

  65. 2C John: Horry County said no

  66. Chris H: they have one at Carolina Pines

  67. 2C John: they said a dump station was not acceptable

  68. Chris H: have a friend who can check it out

  69. Files

  70. Dalton: meeting tomorrow?

  71. Glenn: let us look at the calendar

  72. Dalton: Michelle and I can’t

  73. Glenn: let’s do it the third weekend

  74. Resolution: SHH-08-06-2021-001: Second Chance Membership Renewal

  75. Dalton: Susan, did you make changes?

  76. Susan: changed it and Chief Hatcher sent it back that night, just needs signatures

  77. Resolution: JT-05-07-2021-01: Tribal Government Candidate Requirements: 3rd Reading

  78. Susan: “attendance...2 years” is still saying if you’ve been a member for less than 2 years, it’s still required, right?

  79. 2C John: correct

  80. Susan: some can’t meet that right now

  81. VC Cheryl: especially with last year’s attendance

  82. VC Cheryl: does it also apply to appointed seats?

  83. Susan: we’ve never sat down to define “member in good standing”

  84. Dalton: it should be in the constitution

  85. 2C John: briefly

  86. Glenn: I don’t think it defines it well enough

  87. 2C John: think we discussed up-to-date on dues, not in jail

  88. Dalton: not inactive/ expired, fees up-to-date, nothing before tribal judge

  89. 2C John: found it in Article VI (b)

  90. VC Cheryl: think it’s more in the membership agreement

  91. Chief Hatcher: it’s determined by Council

  92. VC Cheryl: with Craig, it was through the membership agreement

  93. Susan read the membership agreement to those in the meeting

  94. VC Cheryl: how many times has it been modified for different situations?

  95. Glenn motioned to accept the Resolution; Marion seconded

  96. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  97. 2nd Chiefs

  98. 2C John: propose we decorate for Christmas, decorations, lights, have a drive-through for money

  99. Decorate, have contests, make money, gather donations

  100. Susan: Conway does it

  101. VC Cheryl: consider the price of electricity

  102. Glenn: suggested Turkey SHoot

  103. Chief Randy does it every year; cooks & sells food

  104. Think Aynor would be more into a turkey shoot than decorations

  105. Do it every Thursday/ Friday night beginning late October

  106. Dalton: cost to set up?

  107. Glenn: minimal; 20 posts, lights

  108. Have someone to sponsor the price of a ham or turkey (ex: IGA)

  109. Susan: sometimes you can catch a good manager’s special price at Food Lion

  110. Dalton: Who is interested into looking into these possibilities?

  111. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  112. Chris: start small, add more with the crowd

  113. Susan: cook hot dogs, chips, hot chocolate

  114. Dalton: Glenn, write a proposal with cost

  115. Glenn: and 2C John, do one for decorations & drive-through

  116. 2C John: yes, will do

  117. Susan: Do they bring their own guns?

  118. Elder Larry: limit it; some professionals spend $2-3k on a gun

  119. Have different classes; use home guns

  120. Susan: have different age groups

  121. VC Cheryl

  122. Please wear a mask; being tested tomorrow

  123. 2C Alan: thank you to everyone who helped over the last few weeks

  124. Meeting 9/27 with museum; hope all tribal leaders show up

  125. Dalton

  126. Propose that because of Covid numbers, we go back to straight Zoom meetings until the numbers come back down or are under control; Marie seconded

  127. Susan-yes, Marie-yes, Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

  128. Chief Hatcher

  129. Newsletter

  130. Dalton: think Ms. Debra was supposed to do it; VC Cheryl assisting

  131. Talked to VC Cheryl- have to make changes to reflect that the Pauwau was canceled

  132. Textbook picture: Carson’s picture is being requested for another textbook

  133. Thanks to 2C Alan for museum work

  134. I am the new Chair of SC Indian Development Council, which funds college students books and more

  135. Some people who came to our Pauwau have Covid, are in ICU

  136. Please wear a mask

  137. 10/19 Veteran Stand Down with DHEC doing Covid testing & vaccines

  138. Testing, vaccines, food available to everyone

  139. 2C John: put barrels out that day too

  140. 2C John: What time?

  141. Chief Hatcher: will double- check, but I think 11am

  142. Talked to Glenn and Marion about the healing ceremony at Boone

  143. Will be moved to February; one in November has been canceled

Susan motioned to close the meeting; Robert seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 9/20/2021 at 1:45 pm

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