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April 2013 Open Meeting Summary 04052013

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 4/5/2013 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

1. CoC Scott, and CM's Neal, Susan, Dalton, Richia, and Homer present.

2. March minutes read.

a. Neal motioned; Scott seconded

1. Homer: thought 4(a)(2) application fee was supposed to be $20?

a. Dalton: thought it was $25

1. Dalton motions someone listens to the tape & provide correct amount

2. Chief Hatcher: establish dollar amount now

3. Homer: $20

a. Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Richia-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

b. Authorize Susan to change the dollar amount on applications

1. Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Richia-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott-yes

3. Financial Report: Michelle

a. General Fund: $3755.63

b. Building Fund: $2426.83

4. New Business

a. Committee Reports

1. Grants: Michelle

a. SCAC filed on 3/15 for School Day

b. Lowe's Community Grant: 3/1-4/30, 6/1-7/30: need B&G help

c. Lowe's Education Grant: 8/1-10/15 for Pauwau

2. Buildings & Grounds: Neal

a. Work day last month in office

b. Asking for help with Donnie's shower- quote is $200 if anyone can donate

1. Funds obtained

2. Neal asked attendees if extra funds could go to building fund

a. they agreed

3. Arts & Crafts: Susan

a. Nothing available

4. Pauwau: Michelle

a. Meeting 4/10 @ Coastal Ale House in Conway @ 6:30pm

b. Demonstrators / key roles nearly all confirmed

c. Reconfiguring budget as we know what prices have changed

d. Neal resigned: have 6 voting members, could use 1 more

1. Let Michelle know if you're interested

b. Membership

1. Susan: Need a system because someone could just volunteer for 1 year to get a plastic card & never come back

2. Chief Hatcher: alto talked about membership fees in case people cannot work

a. they'd be able to attend meetings for 1 year to decide if they want to stay

b. they could work the dollar amount off or Council could decide the person didn't have to pay it for 1 year

3. 2nd Chief Cheryl: monthly would be difficult for people to remember to pay fees

a. suggests quarterly, yearly, or as you renew ID

4. Audience: $5 per month is fine (about same as cigarette/ drink prices)

5. Homer: $5 per month or $50 per year (slight break that way)

6. Susan: suggestion: ID cards for Associate members should be paper. After 1 year, go to regular card

1. Dalton motioned; Susan seconded

a. Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Richia-yes, Dalton-yes, Scott- yes

7. Chief Hatcher: during trial period, do they get to vote?

a. Dalton: no, they're associate members

8. Chief Hatcher: Are any associate members eligible for full mem