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February 2009 Open Meeting Summary 02062009

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/6/2009 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. Chief Hatcher introduced Dennis Banks (actor, author, with American Indian Movement)

  2. Craig Talbot: Events

  3. Scott Thompkins- Traditional Farming- Open House

  4. Wants a spot for WIP on his land for tee pee, drum, etc… (mini-pau wau)

  5. Date to be announced

  6. Harborwalk- Georgetown- Peggy Wayne- June 20

  7. Center stage for WIP for 1 hour- drum, dance, storytelling, tee pee, etc…

  8. SC CARES Fall Festival- Choppee

  9. Native American Demonstrations

  10. Springbank Ed McGaa- Feb 27- Mar 1

  11. Planetary Survival

  12. Resolution DH-01-09-2009-001 (Rules Governing Online and Phone Votes)- 2nd Reading

  13. Resolution- Joint-SH-09-10-2008-001 (Service of Legal Documents)- 2nd Reading

  14. Financial Report- 2nd Chief Iris Ewing

  15. Current Cash on-hand excluding People’s Alliance account: $ 3991.36

  16. Linda: Events

  17. 2/8 Pau Wau Committee Meeting 2pm, possible Arts meeting to follow

  18. 2/21 Family Gathering- Donations to be sent to Treasurer Reba McCaffrey

  19. 4/18 Community Yard Sale

  20. Reaffirm Online Votes

  21. Tractor Repair $200- voted and passed unanimously

  22. Copier toner bought- voted and passed unanimously

  23. Constitution Changes

  24. Dalton found the typos in the items that need to go into the constitution

  25. Buster and Dalton to make the changes this week

  26. PO Box to be moved to a central location: voted and passed unanimously

  27. Building and Grounds

  28. Security- cameras

  29. Decks- need repair

  30. Plans to renovate/ repair the grounds

  31. Committee to be formed to work on this

  32. Neal Richards nominated as the chairperson and will think about it.

  33. Chief Hatcher

  34. Tractor has been repaired

  35. Need a grounds work day

  36. Possible subcommittee of Building and Grounds- Security- Brian, Phil, Darren

  37. Darren to get in touch with Doug

  38. Some more trees need to come down and power company may pay for ones that interfere with power lines

  39. Keep fighting the Secretary of State

  40. Last Wednesday, there was a meeting of the recognized Chiefs in SC concerning a treaty for a standalone Indian Affairs Commission

  41. Judge Training

  42. Need a permanent solution for all three cemetery grounds

  43. Would like a person on-site to help maintain grounds and need funds for that

  44. ANA grants to be checked on

  45. Bank account to be moved to HCSB because they will honor our contract which stipulates they agree to accept our judge’s orders

  46. Voted and passed unanimously

  47. Signatories

  48. Reba McCaffrey, Michelle Hatcher, Becky Smith were nominated

  49. Voted and passed unanimously

  50. Nomination for Associate Member: Craig Talbot

  51. Voted and passed

  52. 2nd Chief Susan Hatcher

  53. Pizza Inn

  54. Booked through July

  55. Need 13-14 people, age 16 and up, 4pm-10pm

  56. Huntington State Park- 3/18

  57. Storytelling, arts, artifacts

  58. Nomination for Membership: Richard Turner

  59. Voted and passed unanimously

  60. Dennis Banks drummed and sang an American Indian National Anthem and a War Dance song

Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 2/07/2009 at 2:53pm

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