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February 2016 Open Meeting Summary 02052016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/5/2016 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Homer, Susan, Robert, Mark, Dalton, and CoC John present. 2nd Chief Cheryl served as proxy for CM Rick.

  2. January minutes read

  3. Mark motioned to accept; Homer seconded

  4. Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-absent, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan (2nd Chief Cheryl)-yes

  5. Financial Report

  6. General Fund: $9957.22

  7. Building Fund: $3436.17

  8. Susan motioned; Robert seconded to transfer $300 from building fund to general fund because money was deposited into wrong account

  9. Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Rick (2nd Chief Cheryl)-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes

  10. Online Votes

  11. 12/15 Have Chief Hatcher & Hilda file charges with magistrate against Mr. James

  12. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, [Rick-yes], John-yes

  13. 12/15 Buy toner for the copier

  14. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, [Rick-yes], John-yes

  15. 1/20 Rent bobcat

  16. Susan-yes, Dalton-yes, [Rick yes], Mark-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes

  17. 1/20 Purchase Hydrostop roof coating

  18. Susan-yes, Mark-yes. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, John-yes, [Rick- yes], Robert-yes

  19. Old Business

  20. Cemetery Encroachment

  21. Letter sent to Mr. James; no response

  22. Contacted 2 lawyers

  23. John: concern is if we give him this spot now, he’ll add more later

  24. Glenn T suggested contacting Southern Poverty Law Center; 2nd Chief Cheryl to look into

  25. 2nd Chief Cheryl suggested also contacting SC Legal Services

  26. John: tell him we’re entitled to 2 acres; if not the current spot, where?

  27. Mediation (though he would have to agree to it)

  28. Mark: if we take him to court and win, is he liable for the value of the trees he took out?

  29. Answer: yes, triple

  30. Chief Hatcher: let 2nd Chief Cheryl contact Mr. Beverly

  31. Elder Doug: use gofundme to raise money for lawyer

  32. New Business

  33. Committee Reports

  34. Arts & Crafts: Susan & 2nd Chief Phil

  35. Put 4 display cases up at Native American Studies in Rock Hill

  36. Artists who want to display items there, let Susan/ Phil know

  37. Can swap items in and out for 1-2 years

  38. Get tables & building ready on the grounds to teach crafts

  39. Elder Doug: have grapevine at home for those who use it

  40. 2nd Chief Phil (phone): artists need to prepare descriptor cards for their items & help set up

  41. 3/23 grand opening

  42. Don’t use illegal parts on your art

  43. funded by SC government & USC

  44. First tribe to put certified SC art in display

  45. Grants: Michelle

  46. SCAC grant due 3/15; artists who want to change or update their biography, please email Michelle

  47. Chief Hatcher” going to write the Accommodation Tax grant; worth $20,000

  48. Pauwau: Dalton

  49. Nearly all demonstrator positions filled

  50. Billboards ready other than date change

  51. Need to decide theme for program book

  52. Meeting with Mayor to discuss park

  53. Constitution: Dalton

  54. Articles 5-11 done

  55. Ready for a complete read-through before giving it to Council

  56. Next meeting 3/3/2016 @ 6:30 @ tribal office

  57. John: would be nice to have an elder or associate member come to the meeting

  58. Buildings & Grounds: John

  59. Crushed concrete: didn’t go as far as anticipated

  60. Mark: need to raise area up before putting more concrete down

  61. Roof: have materials; need 2-3 dry days before and 1 after while doing it

  62. Need gutters

  63. 2nd CHief Cheryl: son will help if not working

  64. Elder Doug & Mark are buying a flagpole; need a location to put it because the plan is to cement it into the ground

  65. John: going to need a light if you plan to leave it up

  66. Left side of drive on the corner

  67. Write state for SC flag

  68. Johnnie F: ask Phil if they will donate once to use since he is there a lot

  69. Robert motioned; 2nd Chief Cheryl seconded to allow Mark & Doug to install a flag; motion rescinded

  70. Robert motioned; 2nd Chief Cheryl seconded to allow multiple flagpoles to be cemented into

  71. Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Rick (2nd Chief Cheryl)-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes

  72. Drum: Chief Hatcher

  73. Dispute between drum and Clyde; Clyde dropped off

  74. Drum is currently Rick & Glenn; trying to get them all back together

  75. Johnnie: a father & son in Columbia would like to drum with them

  76. Receipts: $80.93 check 1052

  77. Mark motioned; Robert seconded

  78. Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Rick (2nd Chief Cheryl)-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, John-abstain, Susan-yes

  79. Membership Fees

  80. John: if we took in all fees, it would be $10-12k per year

  81. Dalton: go to 1 year card. Instead of membership fee, make it a renewal fee of $50

  82. Mark suggested it be 2 years

  83. Jeania: 2 years, but pay the annual fee; vote after 90 days of a fee renewal date

  84. 2nd Chief CHeryl: do every 4 years (runs with elections)

  85. Alan F suggested staggering them to avoid overwhelming the person tracking them

  86. Chief Hatcher: take expiration date off completely; use unique sticker like license tags

  87. John to Council: look her proposals over; make comments; make list online

  88. 2nd Chiefs

  89. Drum will be at Loris Multicultural Festival

  90. Chief

  91. Met with Sen. McElveen & CMA

  92. consented to introduce 3 bills for us

  93. Let Natives that are 101.64 compliant use all game parts

  94. Free hunting & fishing licenses for Natives

  95. Stop group recognition

  96. Jerry Brown: offered us the opportunity to move Native issues into their building; has to go through legislature

  97. Sent letters to Pope & President

  98. First federal recognition committee meeting today

  99. Criterion E did not change

  100. have to go back as far as we can

  101. Files: Linda wants to be in charge of the files

  102. Elections: even numbered seats (John, Dalton, Mark, Rick) run this year

  103. Newsletter needs to be done more steadily

  104. Longest Walk 5: permission to allow them to camp on grounds while here

  105. Dalton motioned; Mark seconded

  106. Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Rick (2nd Chief Cheryl)-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes

  107. end of June 2016

  108. Land in Latta: Susan motioned that the tribe will pay for the survey when the land is donated; Dalton seconded

  109. Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Rick (2nd Chief Cheryl)-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes

  110. Membership Files

  111. Chastity Marie Faver Parks

  112. Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Rick (2nd Chief Cheryl)-yes, Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes

  113. Family Day 2/20

  114. Fire Ceremony at dawn, 12

  115. Lunch around 12-1

  116. Susan: Dept of Applied Research

  117. Archeology survey work at Hobcaw 2/22- ¾

  118. Marion C & his 2 sons files given to Council

  119. Genealogy

  120. Chief Hatcher: have 1 book at office for all genealogists to use

  121. Susan and Cheryl to coordinate with Linda & develop policy book for genealogy

  122. All files have to be screened for missing pieces

Mark motioned to close the meeting; Dalton seconded.

Meeting adjourned 9:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 3/3/16 at 4:19 am.

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