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June 2012 Open Meeting Summary 06122012

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 06/01/2012 held at the Senior Center in Aynor, SC

1. CoC Scott, CM's Susan, Neal, Homer, and Dalton present.

2. May minutes read

a. 7c: Reword: check tribal ID's for scholarships; Webb not causing trouble

b. 7e(1): 2 signed for; 1 refused

c. Dalton motioned to accept with changes; Susan seconded

1. Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

3. Financial Report

a. General Account: $6559.32

b. Building Fund: $2287.74

4. Online Votes

a. 5/7: Give Senator Elliot a headdress

1. Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

2. Homer: should be given out at our presentation

b. 5/9: Allowing PW Committee to use logo for bumper sticker and cups

1. Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

c. 5/26 Loaning a tribal member money

1. Dalton-no, Susan-no, Homer-no, Neal-no, Scott-no, [Robert-no, Richia-no]

5. Committee Reports

a. Grants: Michelle

1. Still waiting to hear back from SCAC

b. Arts & Crafts: Susan

1. Working on long & short-range goals

2. Decided to do a choker for Senator Elliott

3. Someone asked about painting the walls in tribal office

a. Probably better to do a mural on canvas

c. Pauwau: Michelle

1. Meeting 6/6: Shoney's 6:30

2. Work with 2nd Chief Iris on vendors and mail merge

3. Council still needs to submit blurbs for the program book

d. Buildings & Grounds: Neal

1. Thanks to everyone for helping us get back in to tribal office

2. Still need a roof- flat with gravel now; needs to be A-frame

3. Atlantic Heating & Cooling donated the A/C

6. Susan

a. Educational Program Presentation/ Fundraiser

b. BBQ Benefit

c. Friends of the Waccamaw to work on Living Village idea

1. Dalton: for corporations: give business card pw ad & set price at that level

a. Make it renewable each year for school day

2. Other Considerations

a. Cost of trees

b. Cost of plaques

c. Number of trees

d. What happens if we don't need/ use all of the trees?

d. Can get tree, but will need a way to get it here

e. Sept/ Oct- Council ok'd Susan to go ahead with these projects

7. Homer: how sick is Senator Elliott?

a. Chief Hatcher: he's doing better now

b. Need to move forward with his presentation

8. Donnie's fuel receipt: $82.10

a. Homer motioned; Neal seconded

b. Dalton-yes, Susan-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

9. Associate Members to speak before Council

a. No changes to website as outlined in the letter