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May 2016 Open Meeting Summary 05062016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 05/06/2016 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Dalton, Mark, Rick, Robert, Susan, Homer, and CoC John present.

  2. Open Forum held

  3. April minutes read

  4. Susan motioned to accept; Dalton seconded

  5. Dalton-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes, Robert-abstain, Susan-yes, Homer-yes, John-yes

  6. Financial Report

  7. Unavailable at this time; will try to get from Lori by email

  8. Old Business

  9. Policy Letters

  10. Camping on the Grounds (non-PW)

  11. Use of the Tribal Grounds (non-camping)

  12. Goes with Tribal Grounds Rental Agreement

  13. Mark: still don’t think members should have to pay

  14. John: we reviewed it in April

  15. John: can we use heaters now that we have full electric on the posts?

  16. Chief Hatcher: shouldn’t be a problem

  17. Rick: on fees, it’s an incentive for people to keep membership fees up-to-date if we don’t charge them to use the grounds

  18. Homer: $25-50 is cheap to enjoy a day

  19. Use of the Tribal Office

  20. Goes with Tribal Office Rental Agreement

  21. Mark: same complaint; members should not have to pay

  22. Votes on Letters

  23. Camping on the Tribal Grounds (non-PW)

  24. John motioned; Rick seconded

  25. Dalton-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes, Robert-abstain, Susan-yes, Homer-yes, John-yes

  26. Use of the Tribal Grounds (non-camping)

  27. John motioned; Dalton seconded

  28. Dalton-yes, Mark-no, Rick-yes, Robert-abstain, Susan-yes, Homer-yes, John-yes

  29. Use of the Tribal Office

  30. John motioned; Dalton seconded

  31. Dalton-yes, Mark-no, Rick-yes, Robert-abstain, Susan-yes, Homer-yes, John-yes

  32. Cemetery Encroachment: 2nd Chief Cheryl

  33. Need to file with probate to stop distribution of the estate; going to call Hope Martin to find out the best route to stop the James family actions; it will force us into mediation

  34. John: what is the initial step’s cost?

  35. 2nd C. Cheryl: unsure; as claimant, it may not cost anything

  36. John: if we start the process to hold him up and he doesn’t want to mediate, we have to be prepared to put more money in, correct?

  37. 2nd C. Cheryl: correct

  38. Chief Hatcher read the motion they are preparing, which will include all deeds, surveys, and attachments required

  39. John: and we would take that to probate?

  40. 2nd C. Cheryl: yes

  41. Chief Hatcher: it’s been my experience that if you already have a case number, you aren’t charged

  42. John: financially, what is our burden?

  43. Chief Hatcher: nothing right now

  44. 2nd C. Cheryl: minimal; we are asking the judge to not give an order so we can make a claim against his estate which will force him to defend against us

  45. John: and if we go further, then there’s money involved?

  46. Chief Hatcher: the onus is on him to prove we are wrong

  47. John: are we willing to put up what we have for a court battle?

  48. 2nd C. Cheryl: court can’t issue an order while the estate isn’t settled

  49. John: how long can it drag out?

  50. Chief Hatcher: months or years

  51. Mark: what about the value of the trees that he had cut down?

  52. 2nd C. Cheryl: that is a Masters-In-Equity issue

  53. John: can we stop them from using the parking lot?

  54. 2nd C. Cheryl: “No Trespass” signs have to clearly visible

  55. John: if we were to call the police and say cars are on our private property, would they come out?

  56. Mark: with pictures, it shouldn’t be a problem

  57. Rick: have them towed

  58. John: we aren’t settling the issue if it can be drawn out

  59. Chief Hatcher: hope is that he can’t do anything w