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October 2015 Open Meeting Summary 10092015

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/09/2015 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Homer, Susan, Robert, Mark, Rick, Dalton, & CoC John present.

  2. September minutes read.

  3. Dalton motioned to approve; Homer seconded

  4. Homer-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes

  5. Financial Report

  6. Unavailable; will update in December

  7. Online Votes

  8. 9/23 ID Card Dye Roll

  9. Homer-absent, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-absent, Dalton-yes, John-yes

  10. Old Business

  11. Membership Files

  12. Justin Ammons

  13. Susan motioned to approve; it was emailed, just not printed

  14. Files before 9/4/2015

  15. Charles Ray Hughes

  16. Kenneth Logan Stone

  17. Jannette Ammons Chatham

  18. Deanna Michelle Chatham

  19. Bonnie Ammons Stewart

  20. Amanda Stewart Cook

  21. Belinda Ammons Chatham

  22. Tabitha Chatham Risk

  23. Benjamin Dale Chatham

  24. Zachary Chatham

  25. Jean Dorothy Hayes

  26. Sara Louise Sellers Nunez-Mason

  27. Mickey Thompson

  28. Dock Roy Sellers

  29. Melissa Thompson

  30. Mark: keep books open till next open meeting till all hanging apps are done; Homer seconded

  31. Rick: Make them all honorary, get them genealogy done, & get them off books; Dalton seconded

  32. Mark withdrew his motion

  33. John: amend motion to accept all completed apps in full except genealogy as honorary & will continue to work on it until federal recognition; Postpone all other apps until after TRB reopens; Dalton seconded

  34. Secretary’s Note 11/18: Files added to TRB

  35. Christian Josiah Hooper

  36. Maranda Bost Fritts Spry

  37. Olivia Bost

  38. Bobby Bost

  39. Courtney Ammons Spry

  40. Henry Isaiah Hooper

  41. Samuel Seth Hooper

  42. Elijah Jacob Hooper

  43. Bethanie Jordan Hooper

  44. Nola Grace Ammons Hooper

  45. Jonathan Bently Louie Spry

  46. Nathaniel James Spry

  47. Jaycee Nola-Merle Curry

  48. Jayda Nina Marie Curry

  49. Winfred Todd Curry

  50. Charles Andrew Hooper

  51. Hannah Turner

  52. Bryan Turner

  53. Kenneth Eugene Ammons

  54. Facha Kim Jamila Modupa (Janet Alice Wilson)

  55. Hakim El-Faith Abdulrahman (John Henry Mitchell)

  56. Kevin Schewdo

  57. Ezekiel Pardo

  58. New Business

  59. Committee Reports

  60. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  61. Discovery place in Charleston: display for 1 year- arrowheads, gourds, knives, bonnets, necklaces

  62. John: has Todd or Phil worked on constructing the display case/ building for it?