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September 2010 Open Meeting Summary 09032010

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 9/3/2010 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. Meeting opened at 6:45pm with CoC Scott and CM’s Dalton, Homer, Robert, Neal, Jeanie present.

  2. August Minutes Read

  3. Neal motioned to accept; Homer seconded

  4. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority)

  5. Financial Report: 2nd Chief Iris

  6. Current Balance: $3563.12

  7. Need at least $1300 for operating expenses

  8. Committee Reports

  9. Building & Grounds: Neal

  10. Suk started- will be 16ft wide, 7ft tall

  11. New string for nature trail needed; will buy himself

  12. Treated grounds for bees

  13. Arts & Crafts: Brian

  14. Have a wishlist for next year

  15. 2nd Chief Iris: Need member’s feathers

  16. Deborah working on some

  17. 2nd Chief Iris working on clay beads

  18. Council needs to tell him who needs feathers

  19. Homer: get back to old way of presenting feathers

  20. 2nd Chief Iris: role book is on agenda

  21. Talking with Mr. Moore about websites and selling items

  22. Mary Ellen has her own set up

  23. Have almost all the documents we need

  24. Meeting on 10/15 (3rd Friday of the month)

  25. Talk about Kid’s Arts & Crafts Days

  26. Chief Hatcher: Do yard sale on Saturdays; advertise to tribes in papers

  27. Brian and Linda to work on it

  28. Grants: Michelle

  29. Nothing to report; still cannot apply due to Secretary of State order

  30. Pauwau: Linda

  31. Budget: $13, 169

  32. Handout with cost breakdown presented

  33. Dalton motioned to approve; Homer seconded

  34. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority)

  35. Letter from Grand Strand Magazine- want to include us

  36. 2nd Chief Susan: Program Book Rough Draft presented

  37. $2.22 per book for 28 page book- 300 books

  38. Reaffirm Online Votes

  39. Grass Matting for suk

  40. Homer-yes, Dalton-yes, (Richia-yes), Neal-yes, Scott-yes, Jeanie-yes, Robert-yes (passed unanimously)

  41. 2nd Chief Susan

  42. Absentee Ballots

  43. How long to vote? who to send to?

  44. By email?- print and mail

  45. By website?- download, print, and mail

  46. Dalton: stick with how it was done last year for consistency

  47. Mail by 9/15; cutoff to get back 10/30

  48. 2nd Chief Iris: mass email?

  49. Chief Hatcher: need policy to prevent doing this every year

  50. Elder Doug: let them pick it up at the pauwau & drop it in the box

  51. 2nd Chief Iris: Council will need to man its own tent for it

  52. Homer: Do it like last year; consider this for next year

  53. Chief Hatcher: need an Elections Committee

  54. Mailing address for ballots: Jerry was nominated

  55. Robert motioned; Homer seconded

  56. Dalton-yes; Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority)

  57. Mail by 9/15/2010

  58. Homer motioned; Robert seconded

  59. Dalton-yes; Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority)

  60. Cutoff Date to be 10/30/2010

  61. Robert motioned; Dalton seconded

  62. Dalton-yes; Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority)

  63. Elder Jerry to pick three people to assist him

  64. 2nd Chief Susan to email Michelle to make copies

  65. 2nd Chief Iris: Tribal Roll Book

  66. 239 people to sign new book; handout showing breakdown of number of members to sign by state

  67. Presentation; no ID without signing the book; feather when book signed

  68. Mailing with deadline and purge?

  69. Give feathers out at solstices and gatherings as well

  70. New Project: Younger Crowd

  71. Send Photo ID’s to 10-18 year olds to younger people interested in 2011

  72. Robert motioned to approve; Dalton seconded

  73. Dalton-yes; Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority)

  74. Homer: would also like to create library of documentaries

  75. Chief Hatcher & CoC Scott: Special recognitions to:

  76. Donnie Hatcher: Grounds and Cemetery work

  77. Doug Hatcher: Website Maintenance

  78. Michelle Hatcher: Meeting minutes, Filing, Project availability

  79. Note: Make sure all Chief & Council Recognitions you receive are given to the tribal secretary to go in your file. The more recognitions you have on file, the higher any dividend checks will be once federal status is achieved.

  80. Chief Hatcher

  81. Apologized for giving the impression that School Day is not Tribal Council’s business; can’t relinquish control over 1800+ kids

  82. Homer: School Day: same as last year?

  83. 2nd Chief Susan: yes

  84. Homer: get word out that families don’t get in free

  85. 2nd Chief Susan: schools were told they have to use the pass

  86. Federal Recognition help with Carolina Entertainment

  87. Russell Simmons interested in investing in tribe

  88. Chief Hatcher will probably go to NY

  89. Copy of motel contract with Econo Lodge given to Council

  90. Language: Catawba: Mr. Moore- online class with Becky Garris (sp?)

  91. Only charge may be a cd; watch for more emails

  92. Call from HTC; auto-link from website $220 approx.- tabled for now

  93. Elder Jerry: Cub Scout Jamboree: Cheryl: artifacts, Brian: tipis

  94. Federal Recognition from Congressman likely

  95. Henry Brown intends to sign our Bill

  96. Please continue to write Mr. Brown and encourage him to sign the bill

  97. Tribal Judge Bernie: Ask the Vatican too

  98. On 9/8 Meeting in Bennettsville with State Recognized Chiefs

  99. Senator to help with a stand-alone Indian Agency

  100. Governor Candidate Haley has said she would work with Indians in state

  101. Insurance for tribal grounds:

  102. $908 for year

  103. Look into corporate insurance for everything

  104. Out-of-town 9/8- 9/16 and 9/20- 9/27

  105. Interstate: some things have to be done in 30 days

  106. Council permission to answer questions- Dalton motioned; Homer seconded

  107. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes (passed by majority)

  108. Lawsuits for land: $13,900

  109. Coffee News: $300 or $600 depending on number of areas you choose

  110. North Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach, South Grand Strand, Loris/ Tabor City, Conway

  111. Elder Jerry: Nonprofits are free

  112. Chief Hatcher: please talk to her again then

  113. Pauwau: double-stack vendors

  114. Linda: more RV spots too

  115. Chief Hatcher: have to revamp circuit breakers

  116. Becky: backup plan if it rains?

  117. Chief Hatcher: discuss it in committee

  118. Linda: Meeting 9/29 (last Wed in September)

  119. Tribal Judge Bernie will white sage grow here?

  120. Linda: yes; Robert: no

  121. Chief Hatcher welcomed and thanked Jerry Barbour & his brother & Teresa for coming

Homer motioned for the meeting to end; Robert seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:41 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 9/12/10 at 10:41pm.

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