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July 2017 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 7/14/2017 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s John, Mark, Dalton, and Susan present. CM Dalton served as ACoC for Rick.

  2. June minutes read

  3. John motioned to accept; Mark seconded

  4. Susan-abstain, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes

  5. Financial Report

  6. General Fund: $9143.49

  7. Building Fund: $1286.27

  8. Cemetery Fund: $531.26

  9. Online Votes

  10. 6/3 PW Budget Amended to Include JAbrams’ lodging

  11. Susan-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes

  12. Old Business

  13. Vice Chief Proposal

  14. Makes 2C Cheryl Vice Chief (senior 2C according to newest constitution)

  15. Mark-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  16. Check constitution for number of 2C’s allowed and fix it if not specified

  17. Open Elders’ Positions

  18. Ronnie H discussion stalled

  19. Dalton: should be done through open meeting so we can ask questions

  20. Vote is open to confirm him

  21. John: currently, elders put up a list, we vetoed their first selection, and need to figure out how to move forward

  22. What is the protocol for Ronnie?

  23. Dalton: we can table it until he shows up

  24. Mark motioned to table vote on Ronnie H; ? seconded

  25. Mark-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  26. John to call Ronnie and get him to come to next meeting

  27. Cemetery Encroachment

  28. Chief Hatcher: think we will have resolution: read email from attorney

  29. They are going to make sure we have 2 acres

  30. Roof Case

  31. Chief Hatcher: we will probably lose it; can’t find him & the law can’t ask for ID when they go out to serve him

  32. To go further, we would need to refile because of deadline

  33. John: could we bump up the amount if we refiled?

  34. Chief Hatcher: probably not since we asked for max

  35. Can also check with the PI

  36. New Business

  37. Chamber of Commerce (Aynor): defunct now; going to talk with Keb Johnson & Mr. Dean about setting one up for this area

  38. Elder Doug: when you pay $50, is that for the year?

  39. Dalton:yes

  40. John: how could it benefit us?

  41. Dalton: ads- the tribe could get some of that revenue

  42. We could ensure that the Pauwau is funded (or mostly funded)

  43. Michelle: in the dues price, you could include ad prices, PW costs

  44. John Turner: Attendance Proposal

  45. John read his proposal aloud

  46. Chief Hatcher: every elected person takes an oath; do you really need more than that?

  47. John: there is nothing specified in the constitution or policy letters

  48. Chief Hatcher: you’re elected by the tribe; to impose standards on a sitting Council now is wrong

  49. If you think someone’s not doing their job, have CoC send them a letter and ask them to resign

  50. Who keeps count of absences and who decides what constitutes an authorized absence?

  51. Dalton: I’d just go by the numbers; Council member names are put at the top of the minutes list; we can add Elders, 2C, etc too

  52. Susan: I’ve already missed 2 meetings, so if I miss 1 more, you’re going to can me?

  53. John: did you tell us ahead of time? Then there’s not a problem

  54. Dalton: I take issue with notice; this would require 3 readings

  55. Chief Hatcher: it imposes on the entire governing body

  56. Dalton: Elders & Judges can force a revote & tell us it’s unconstitutional

  57. Mark: look at US Senate: they don’t even have to go the floor

  58. You can’t impose your will on volunteers

  59. John: I personally feel I wouldn’t be a part of Tribal Council without being here

  60. Chief Hatcher: should make it a requirement ahead of time when they run so they will better know some rules to follow

  61. Can’t eliminate someone just because you don’t like them

  62. Elder Dan: show them the oath

  63. Dalton: can change this from a binding proposal to guideline

  64. None of the titles are honorary titles; they are working titles

  65. Fuel Receipts

  66. $43.87 Check 582

  67. Mark-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Dalton-yes

  68. Committee Reports

  69. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  70. Nothing to report

  71. Grants: Michelle

  72. Waiting to hear back from SCAC

  73. Pauwau: Michelle

  74. Hog Heaven fundraiser generated $1108 profit

  75. Ads are to be sold; we can email form to you if you would like to help

  76. Looking for older Pauwau pictures for program book

  77. Nestle declined our application for water; try earlier in the year

  78. Glenn will help build benches to go around the circle during Pauwau

  79. If you can help him, let him know (or contact tribal office by phone/ Secretary by email)

  80. Looking for volunteers for Nov. for all areas; send any Pauwau member an email or call us

  81. Next meeting 8/10 @ 6pm

  82. Drum: Glenn

  83. Nothing to report

  84. Parking Lot & Shuttle: John

  85. Dissolved until there is more interest

  86. Mark: mower deck: $1170 + 1year warranty

  87. Chief Hatcher

  88. Asked who printed CNB transaction report

  89. Michelle: I did, at Council’s request

  90. Michelle does a lot: bank reports (nothing lately from bookkeeper, keeps track of resolutions)

  91. Tribal Council needs to appoint a new bookkeeper

  92. Meeting coming up with Senator Tim Scott 7/27m led by Chief Hatcher, not CMA

  93. Asked for suggestions on priorities from other tribes

  94. Ralph Oxendine: cancer & car wreck; can’t treat one issue without messing with the other

  95. Want to build a ramp to help him

  96. Would like to try concrete in short areas; idea from Don Harris

  97. Donie: it will have to be pretty thick

  98. Glenn: concretes are rated for weight

  99. Price concrete, coquina , etc for next meeting

  100. Gene Norris: having an invitation-only Pauwau this year

  101. Re: Homer: now in Hospice; talked to him on the phone

  102. Re: Bernie: he can talk, but not walk; he’s in a hospital in Augusta, GA

  103. Have to do something about files & ID cards

  104. Mark: Dori has volunteered & has been shot down

  105. Susan:will she come here?

  106. Mark: why here when others can do it from home?

  107. Susan: the files are here

  108. Bingo: Need players: starts at 6pm ($0.25 games), new program at 8

  109. Dalton: any news on Bingo?

  110. Chief: we had an offer to buy for $75k, which we don’t have

  111. Elders: the ones we haven’t seen

  112. Chief Hatcher: one didn’t respond

  113. Elder Charles is active online & at Pauwau/ School Day

  114. To Elders: have you elected a new CoE?

  115. Let us know when you have so we can change the paperwork

Mark motioned to close the meeting; Susan seconded.

Meeting adjourned 7:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 7/28/17 at 9:35 pm.

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