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February 2018 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/2/2018 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Susan, Robert, John, Dalton, Jeania, and Rick present. Elders Dan, Doug, and Becky present.

  2. Financial Report

  3. General Fund: $12,010.33 (as of 2/1/2018 on CNB site)

  4. Building Fund: $2016.94 (as of 2/1/2018 on CNB site)

  5. Cemetery Fund: $531.26

  6. Online Votes

  7. 1/26: January minutes: Susan: add Becky, Doug, Glenn T to Elders present

  8. Robert (2C Cheryl)-yes, Susan-yes, John-yes, Jeania-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  9. Old Business

  10. Waccamaw Family Day

  11. Alan: doing Low Country Boil

  12. John T: games, tournament with prizes

  13. Susan: can do a craft demo, but do not have enough materials to hold a class

  14. 2c Phil: propose to let her buy the materials now & bring receipts

  15. John T: suggest buying items to display with signups for future classes

  16. Susan: and create kits to sell

  17. Jeania: can bring a karaoke machine

  18. Susan: people have been invited to come out, possibly be on television

  19. Rick: can we make it a work day too like the roof?

  20. Susan: I’d make it voluntary

  21. Cemetery Update

  22. We’re not accepting the offer

  23. Susan: another attorney told us to do a title search on the land

  24. PW Concerns

  25. Drum

  26. Glenn C has sent the committee information on more drums to look over at the next PW committee meeting

  27. Elders

  28. Voting after the PW: some people cannot come to the Pauwau

  29. Newsletter needs to go out for letters of intent

  30. John

  31. Did Glenn T get concrete on the grounds?

  32. Elder Dan: he’s not here tonight

  33. Rick: we have some

  34. John T: we can try a 10x10 spot

  35. To Chris H: is there any information on the sewer?

  36. Chris H: need to know if it’s residential or commercial

  37. If commercial, they may not finance it

  38. Rick: will meter change get us over time?

  39. Chris H: need to get more information

  40. They only charge for water coming in

  41. John: is residential considered one house, two houses, etc?

  42. Chris H: it’s the tank size

  43. New Business

  44. Horse Ride: Larry J

  45. Starting at Cedar Creek

  46. Presented a flyer draft

  47. A benefit to improve tribal land

  48. Will present receipts once done

  49. Special Needs Fishing Day 4/14: Elder Doug

  50. First weekend of March & April: yard sale to raise money

  51. Constitution: Rick

  52. Old things shouldn’t apply; you’re starting from scratch

  53. Dalton: amendments from the old constitution are meaningless now, but things that deal with the cemetery aren’t in there- it doesn’t go that level

  54. Rick: constitution & proxy votes: it doesn’t say you can have more than one proxy vote

  55. Dalton, Susan: it doesn’t say you can’t either

  56. John, Dalton: the constitution doesn’t address it

  57. John read the proxy section of the constitution aloud

  58. John: we didn’t review the constitutional referendums while writing the constitution

  59. Dalton we didn’t have access to all the referendums

  60. Susan: you had access to most; it didn’t change much

  61. Dalton: any referendum in conflict with the new constitution would be null & void

  62. Susan: need a work day (during the day) to go over it

  63. Dalton: referendums are different than resolutions

  64. 2C Phil: referendums usually go into more detail

  65. Elder Dan: if it’s not written, why not have 4 proxies?

  66. Dalton: my concern is you don’t agree with how it’s interpreted

  67. Rick: no, it’s vague

  68. Susan: one thing that is missing is that the Chief & CoC couldn’t be related

  69. Dalton: because now they are both elected positions

  70. Susan: it leads to the same situation

  71. Dalton: but Chief didn’t have direct influence on the CoC position; you have to trust the electorate

  72. Rick: with proxy: you don’t know why people are for or against something

  73. Susan: if I give a proxy to someone, I let them know why; reason it’s important to have the agenda early

  74. Rick: work day: 3/1 at 6pm: constitution workshop/ review referendums

  75. Committee Reports

  76. Arts & Crafts: 2C Phil

  77. Need money

  78. Susan: Chris H brought in items last month & needs app

  79. Grants: Michelle

  80. SCAC coming up: need updated biographies from our artists

  81. Pauwau: Michelle

  82. Susan & Dalton resigned from the committee, but still involved

  83. Need Council to confirm Starla as a voting member

  84. Susan-yes, Robert-yes, John-yes, Dalton-yes, Jeania-yes, Rick-yes

  85. Starting PSA’s & ad-selling now

  86. Looking for volunteers & older pictures

  87. Chris H: can take some flyers to give out on the pauwau circuit

  88. Glenn C: need to be at the Hoedown & Christmas events

  89. Elder Doug: Ronnie F set up a tipi & we had a table on year

  90. Drum: Rick

  91. Alan: need to know when we’re going to start back up

  92. Chief

  93. Last Sun had a meet & greet with McGill

  94. Trying to network and have a meet & greet with all gubernatorial candidates

  95. Met with Chavez about a class action lawsuit on opioid lawsuit

  96. If we lose, we owe nothing

  97. If we win, we give them 40%

  98. Want them to help us build a treatment facility for Natives

  99. The people part of the trust would be overseers of money to plan it

  100. Rick: statistic: in Marion County, 130 prescriptions for every 100 people

  101. Susan: once it’s submitted, it’s too late for other tribes to sign on to it

  102. 2C Phil: if it goes through federal court, it could help with federal recognition

  103. Elder Doug: would these be live-in facilities?

  104. Susan: probably, yes

  105. Elder Dan

  106. 6 tribes in Virginia were federally recognized

Dalton motioned to close the meeting; John seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 2/21/18 at 11:53 pm.

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