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January 2019 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 1/11/2019 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s, Dalton, Susan, John, and CoC Rick present. Elders Doug, Ronnie, Becky, and Dan present.

  2. Res: DH-01-11-2019-001: Certification of the Results of the 2018 Tribal Election

  3. Susan-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Rick-yes

  4. Susan, Marion C, Alan F sworn-in to Council, Harold Hatcher sworn-in as Chief by CoC Rick.

  5. Chief Hatcher: thank you to Jeania, Susan, Mark for their service on Council

  6. December summary read

  7. Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-abstain, Chief-yes

  8. Financial Report

  9. General Fund: $16,054.90

  10. Building Fund: $350.55

  11. Chief Hatcher: I can give each member of Council a different password to allow them to view the site

  12. Old Business

  13. Cemetery Update

  14. Deed not registered yet

  15. John T: think we need to investigate putting up a fence between our line & the trailer at the cemetery

  16. Larry J: how do you become a trustee?

  17. Elder Dan: when a trustee gives up a spot, we fill it

  18. Need a sign for the cemetery so people will know whose it is

  19. CoC Rick: what about the dog situation there?

  20. Larry J: dogs still go all over the place

  21. New Business

  22. John T: we had talked about getting a pump for a gas tank

  23. CoC Rick: not received yet

  24. Committee Reports

  25. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn C

  26. Nothing new since Pauwau

  27. Trench drawn across the second entrance

  28. May be too wet for putting in run-out pipe/ pump action

  29. 1.5HP pump: approx. $100, drum $10, electric each month

  30. Elder Doug: I have a 55-gal plastic drum

  31. COC Rick: motion to budget $150 for pump between site 8 & 9

  32. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Rick-yes

  33. John T: did you buy those bleachers?

  34. Glenn:yes, Susan & I bought them; thanks to Mike, Metissa, all who helped

  35. Can turn them into 4 sets if they are too high

  36. Pauwau: Michelle

  37. Chair elected: Michelle

  38. Voting Members have to be approved by Council since it is a new year

  39. Michelle, Cheryl, Glenn, Starla, Courtney, Mathea, Lindsay

  40. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Rick-yes

  41. If you have personal picture you’d like to switch to put in the book, send it now

  42. Discussed increasing Dance Raffle by $500: 1 prize for dancers who were there both days & in circle when grand prize drawn

  43. Volunteers: let us know if you’d like to help

  44. Walkie Talkies: we would like to get 18 more so we can get one to everyone who needs one & for us to be able to talk to Constables

  45. Need someone from the gate to be at the Pauwau meetings so we can coordinate

  46. Need an accurate count of people

  47. Susan: Veterans Feathers

  48. Need to create a policy letter

  49. Conditions for Veterans Feather:

  50. Have to be a veteran (ex: not the child of one)

  51. Have to be in the circle during Grand Entry (unless wheelchair-bound, extreme cases)

  52. You only get 1

  53. Or decide that it doesn’t matter

  54. Alan F: they should be in the circle unless disabled

  55. Chief Hatcher: clip a V into feathers of those who don’t attend Grand Entry

  56. John T: where do you give them out?

  57. Dalton: discussing giving them out while they are in the circle

  58. John T: Think we should run elections 9/15-10/15 & have swearing-in at the Pauwau

  59. Dalton: not sure Tribal Council has time; most are volunteering

  60. Marion C: great idea, but I see Council running around during Pauwau

  61. Arena Director: need someone to shadow; let us know if you are interested

  62. Rick: anyone talk to Chris H?

  63. Michelle: he said he didn’t want to go through all of that

  64. Drum: Rick

  65. Drummed at MB Christian Academy

  66. Need to restring the drum

  67. Rick

  68. Special Needs Fishing Day: May 4th

  69. Need more fish because of the storms

  70. Roger Barber will probably bring them; would like to give him something

  71. Starla: can I get an invitation to send out by email?

  72. Rick: yes

  73. Asked Larry J to bring out the horses

  74. Need a release form to protect us from accidents

  75. Elder Doug: Roger McNeil has lots of land with a pond on it; would probably be tickled to host the event

  76. Talking about building up the banks

  77. Will have a volunteer check-in sheet

  78. Growing Hemp

  79. 2020 is the quickest we can grow

  80. Attractive, moneywise

  81. 5 acres to do it on; Richard T has land if we choose to do it

  82. If Council approves, Rick and Richard T will go to Rock Hill to see how Catawba started their program and how it’s doing now

  83. Chief Hatcher: would need security on it because it looks identical to marijuana

  84. Have to be established with a college

  85. Richard is working with Clemson

  86. Agreement in place before we grow

  87. We would be partners with Richard T because of the land & equipment

  88. Susan: what’s the split?

  89. Rick: still working on it

  90. Dalton: I’d like to see a business plan

  91. Rick: cost about $1000/ acre to plant

  92. Larry J: will it be protected like other crops?

  93. Rick: not sure yet, looking into it

  94. Think after 2020 (when you won’t need a permit), you can buy insurance for it

  95. Elder Doug: is there a market for it?

  96. Marion C: the oil

  97. Rick: you can make things from it like it were cotton

  98. Dalton: what’s the expected profit per acre?

  99. Rick: it’s up there, unsure of exact numbers

  100. You can also sell the seeds

  101. The state randomly inspects it & will destroy it if they find marijuana in it

  102. Guidelines for Government

  103. Need to hold government officials accountable

  104. Chief Hatcher: will email you job descriptions

  105. Background Checks

  106. Program & subscription: approx $150-300

  107. John T: will you do checks on members of the tribe?

  108. Rick: if they are going to work around kids, yes

  109. Alan F: then you have something to show that you tried to do something if a problem were to happen

  110. Guns on the Grounds

  111. Concealed Weapon Permit: leave the gun in the car

  112. Dalton: don’t see a problem with it if it’s not on your hip & kept in your car

  113. Rick: applies to pistols, not long guns

  114. Glenn T: keep guns in mind for turkey shoots

  115. Can modify the current Firearms Restriction Resolution

  116. Dalton: electrical status, Glenn C?

  117. Glenn C: need the trench; probably be end of February before we have anything

  118. Alan F: need to look at qualifications for running for Council besides being a member

  119. Susan: need a better voter response

  120. Need to add to current resolution on distributions (Disbursement of Assets)

  121. Rick: what about voting at the Pauwau?

  122. Dalton: could make voting mandatory

  123. Starla: what about prepaid envelopes?

  124. Marion C: problem with that is if they don’t vote, tribe is still out-of-pocket for the envelopes

  125. Chief Hatcher: used to be that if you lived within a 50 mile radius, you had to come vote, the rest were mailed out

  126. John T: what about online voting?

  127. Chief Hatcher: have to be able to tell that it’s you voting

  128. John T: methods of communication; can make email our official means of communicating

  129. Dalton: would like to see dirt to build up the circle

  130. And finish pictures of Tribal Council to put on the walls

  131. Rick: would like to get a metal carport for our equipment

  132. Chief Hatcher

  133. Trevor S: has cancer; any donations for 2C Cheryl to help with groceries/ gas would help

  134. Opportunity for us to move from CMA to a government office

  135. CMA hasn’t done much for Natives

  136. Meeting between 2C Cheryl, Marie, and others

  137. Take our drafted petition to get it in this year

  138. 2 documentaries; 1 about us specifically

  139. They want to talk to the Elders

  140. 2nd is about SC Indians

  141. Mr. Chavis is off the CMA board

  142. Have a lady to go through genealogy files

  143. Linda A is the tribal genealogist, but hasn’t shown degree

  144. Tribal Treasurer: Dori A will still do it if Council approves

  145. Dalton motioned; Rick seconded

  146. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Rick-yes

  147. Need letterhead & envelopes (250)

  148. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Rick-yes

  149. Tribal Council Business Cards: need to design a card; Glenn & Starla to work on it

  150. Grey Court next Thurs/Friday for feather ceremony for Chief Worthy at sunrise on the grounds

  151. Mark Williams to start the fire & we will name him their firekeeper

  152. Daughters of American Revolution: Jan 16

  153. Received a book from MB Christian Academy; will probably be an annual event

  154. Governing Body Information Sheet: make sure it’s correct

  155. Rick: motion to give $100 to Cheryl; Dalton seconded

  156. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Rick-yes

  157. Check 728

  158. Susan: can we give UMC $100 for Elders’ baskets?

  159. Susan motioned; Rick seconded

  160. Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Rick-yes

  161. Check 729

  162. Elder Doug: any further discussion of having women on the drum?

  163. Chief: not worked on recently

  164. Elder Becky: picnic tables: $185-200 out of Cypress

  165. The man just needs to time to build them

  166. Glenn C: more community involvement

  167. Parades, Hoe Down, Heritage Festival

  168. Rick: and schools

  169. Elder Dan: have a parade before the Pauwau

  170. Charles H: have the tribe purchase 1 lottery ticket each month

  171. Family Day: 2/16

  172. Food: BBQ, Chicken Bog

  173. Glenn C: Next Work Day: TBA

Dalton motioned to close the meeting; John seconded.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 1/27/18 at 5:06 m.

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