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February 2019 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/1/2019 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s, Dalton, Susan, Marion, Alan, and CoC Rick present. Elders Doug, Ronnie, Glenn, Becky, and Dan present. 2C Cheryl present.

  2. 2C Cheryl sworn-in as Vice Chief by CoC Rick.

  3. Financial Report

  4. General Fund: $ 15,054.66

  5. Building Fund: $350.55

  6. Online Votes

  7. Carport for equipment

  8. Alan-yes, Susan-absent, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  9. Susan: suggest sending vote to full governing body for more ideas before closing the vote

  10. 1/27 Approve January meeting summary

  11. Alan-yes, Susan-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  12. Old Business

  13. Cemetery Update: 2C Cheryl

  14. Deed still not received; it has been settled, follow-up with lawyer this week

  15. Hallman Cemetery in Columbia: tombstones bulldozed, people not allowed to visit gravesites (which is illegal); would be a civil case

  16. News picked up on it

  17. Rick: what is the size of the cemetery?

  18. Chief Hatcher: 5-6 tombstones

  19. New Business

  20. Receipts

  21. Glenn C: Gas receipt & ID card receipt: $71.80

  22. Committee Reports

  23. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn C

  24. The battery to charge the backhoe is gone; need to check with Mr. Charles to see if he has it

  25. Created a calendar with work days, committee meetings to be put in a frame & kept at office

  26. Need to clean around the area carport will go

  27. Rick: where Donnie’s car is at is where the carport will go

  28. Alan: does it affect anything if we decide to move the trailers?

  29. Rick: no

  30. Rick: everyone ok with the location? It can be moved around

  31. Will call the guy as soon as the site is ready for it

  32. Arts & Crafts

  33. No report

  34. Chief Hatcher: we need to do something about it

  35. Susan: let Tribal Council certify artists

  36. The only people who can say something should be certified are those who are certified

  37. Chief Hatcher: let’s talk about it online

  38. Rick: we could have a workshop on certification

  39. Susan to head meeting some time in March

  40. Pauwau: Dalton

  41. Volunteers: let us know you want to volunteer and interested area

  42. Pictures: change out old article pictures and update profile pictures

  43. Send stories now for the program book on lore, family history, etc…

  44. Meetings are the second Thursday of the month

  45. Susan: can we change it to Wednesday this month because of Valentine’s Day?

  46. Michelle-yes, 2C Cheryl-yes, Glenn-yes, Starla-yes

  47. Post created on Facebook notifying everyone of the day change for Feb.

  48. Starla: need more people selling ads, even just 1 each

  49. Drum: Rick

  50. Looking for 1/2 inch rawhide, may have to buy larger hides and cut it to restring drum

  51. Susan: try moscowhides or centralhidesandfurs

  52. Marion: how much do you need?