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January 2009 Open Meeting Summary 01092009

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 1/9/2009 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. Minutes from 12/5/08 were read and accepted.

  2. The section on External Matters is to be carried over to February meeting

  3. Resolution SB-09-12-2008-001 (Rules Governing Creation and Maintenance and Formation of Committees) received 4th reading. Voted on and passed.

  4. Resolution DH-01-09-2009-001 (Rules Governing online and phone votes) received 1st reading

  5. Reaffirm online votes

  6. Phone System changed- passed

  7. Stationary- passed

  8. Financial Report from 2nd Chief Iris Ewing

  9. Pau Wau profit $7894

  10. Suggestion to combine the two bank accounts- voted and passed

  11. 2nd Chief Susan Hatcher disbursed for making feathers- voted and passed

  12. Current cash on hand not counting upcoming expenses: $7,175.45

  13. Chief Buster Hatcher

  14. Introduction of Elders

  15. Elwood Ammons

  16. Claude Hatcher

  17. Frank Hatcher

  18. Dan Hatcher

  19. Jerry Smith

  20. Introduction of 2nd Chiefs

  21. Susan Hatcher (External)

  22. Iris Ewing (Internal)

  23. Phil White (Judicial)

  24. Hank White- our thoughts are with you and your family

  25. Suggestion- 1 work meeting per month. Public may attend, but cannot participate

  26. Needs Council vote

  27. Tractor repair- $1800- voted and passed

  28. Robert Benton to perform a fire ceremony as soon as possible to restore Great Spirit to the grounds

  29. Need more proposal and resolutions to put things back in order

  30. Suggestion: Policy Book

  31. CM Dalton Hatcher suggested GoogleDocs (electronic copy)

  32. Chief Buster Hatcher said needed paper copy

  33. Suggestion: Committee to handle it

  34. Phone System

  35. Cannot have an elected or appointed official on the bills

  36. CM Jeanie Wright to have cell phone for tribal purposes

  37. voted and passed

  38. Offer being looked in to concerning video games

  39. Chief Harold Hatcher to continue speaking with his contact