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March 2024 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 3/1/2024  held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marion, Chris, Robert, Emily, Susan, Glenn, and Dalton were present. Elders Becky and Larry were present. Vice Chief Cheryl, 2C Alan, and 2C John were present.

  2. Members Phil W, Jerry S, Carolyn D, Randy W, Jennifer R, Tracey J, Stephen W, Steve T, David B, and Starla were present.

  3. Financial Report (as of 2/27/2024 at 3:02 pm)

  4. General Fund: $41,851.32

  5. Building Fund: $1866.61

  6. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  7. Online Votes

  8. 2/26 Approve February Meeting Summary

  9. Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  10. CoC Dalton: 2C John was nominated to the Council of Elders; Tribal Council needs to approve

  11. Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  12. 2C John: going to turn down the position until he speaks with Chief Hatcher

  13. Votes retracted

  14. New Business

  15. Committee Reports

  16. Buildings & Grounds

  17. Sen. Greg Hembree put in a request for $140k for our bathhouse

  18. Grants

  19. SCAC grant deadline extended to 4/16/2024

  20. Attended a coaching call on 2/28 to go over old and new items for this grant

  21. Apprenticeship coaching call is next week

  22. Pauwau

  23. Looking for pictures of our older members

  24. Start selling ads/ memorial pages for the program book

  25. Working on demonstrators to finalize the flier earlier

  26. PW2023 P&L Report is on the website

  27. CCU Archiving Project

  28. Contemporary SC Tribes Reading List maintained by Joshua Shumak:

  29. Files

  30. Marion motioned; Chris seconded to make Jennifer Randall a full member

  31.  Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  32. New honorary apps: Steve T, Stephen W, Kathy N

  33. Susan: someone would like to buy the hotdog stand and cook for us during events

  34. We’ve never used it

  35. Marion: we got it, tried to keep it covered, and never used it

  36. Glenn: the tires probably need to be replaced

  37. Glenn: out of respect, get the opinion of the person who gave it to us

  38. Chris: why sell it? If he’s cooking for us, it would balance

  39. Emily: want a contract in writing whether we give it to them or sell it

  40. Reminder: Fire Ceremony Dates 2024: 3/16, 6/22, 9/21, 12/14

  41. Survey

  42. Marion: VC Cheryl & I went to the courthouse; the survey on this property was done in the 1970s

  43. Some of the property goes all the way to Hwy 501

  44. Surveyors: Will Ferry in Conway

  45. Chris: Rhett Johnson in Aynor

  46. Glenn: motion to get survey prices; Marion seconded

  47. Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

  48. VC Cheryl: should we get 3?

  49. Susan: yes

  50. 2C John: who’s getting prices?

  51. Glenn: Susan and I can

  52. The Longhouse Project

  53. VC Cheryl: Ronnie Floyd did cordage with students and they will be out here on 4/16 for the exhibit opening

  54. Catawba Chief asked if there was anything they could do to help

  55. Policy Letters: Susan will send copies by email and the Council can update them

  56. 2C John:  tribal chief lineage requirement

  57. One article of our constitution says all members can hold office

  58. One article says under Chief that it has to be a lineal descendent

  59. Dalton: it doesn't say that

  60. 2C John: give me an example

  61. Dalton: under the country’s constitution, Arnold Schwarzenegger 

  62. 2C John: we talk about 7 generations unborn; their children can’t be Chief

  63. In my opinion, full rights, you have the same rights as all members

  64. You can’t be a true Waccamaw

  65. If there are no lineal descendants to be Chief, you have no Chief

  66. Which isn’t covered by the constitution

  67. It wasn’t in the 2000 constitution

  68. Y’all think lineal descendants don’t have the heart of the tribe

  69. Marion: don’t we have a core foundation from the Dimery settlement? Wouldn’t it eliminate those not tracing back to the Dimery settlement?

  70. 2C John: there is a percentage of lineal descendants so it is Waccamaw from Dimery

  71. Phil W: And why was that done to start with? It had to go back to recognition

  72. Dalton: it was done through a referendum in 2010

  73. Phil W: when we were told by the federal government what would happen to our tribe and without recognition, we added it

  74. 2C John: can you show me where in the federal requirements that it has to be lineal

  75. I’ve looked and it’s not there

  76. I think there are things in the requirements that we won’t meet, so why not solidify it?

  77. Dalton: reread the referendum from 2010

  78. 2C John: why was it added?

  79. Dalton: stated in the referendum: recognized as descendants of the Dimery settlement

  80. VC Cheryl: Santa Clara vs Pueblo cadr shows how restrictive some tribes are

  81. 2C John: so we do make exceptions?

  82. VC Cheryl: yes, but this change would be far-reaching

  83. 2C John: not in the state-recognized constitution

  84. Susan: we only sent 100 letters to core members

  85. You also have to look at what the CMA required for state-recognized tribes, not just our constitution

  86. 2C John: then we need to have a referendum to change the constitution

  87. Elder Larry: why would you jeopardize everything just to make a point?

  88. 2C John: what if there’s no lineal descendants?

  89. Dalton: then the tribe is gone; people who aren’t lineal descendants would form a group

  90. VC Cheryl: we need to build membership and engage in the community to reach them

  91. 2C John: was there a Chicora tribe?

  92. Susan: yes, Chicora, Chicora-Waccamaw, Waccamaw

  93. 2C John: so they couldn’t be Chief

  94. Susan: not unless they’re lineal

  95. 2C Alan: Lowcountry PW next weekend

  96. Dalton: John, are you still 2C?

  97. 2C John: as far as I know

  98. Dalton: well Chief nominated you to be an Elder

  99. 2C John: have we pursued another bank account that accrues interest?

  100. Dalton: I will look into it this week

  101. VC Cheryl: Dr. Dillian & I are looking to apply for a catalyst grant

  102. I will work with my employer to apply for another grant

  103. Capacity Building: not structure

  104. For a better CRM system

  105. For a better way of getting money from donors

  106. Having someone work in the office full-time

  107. Organizing policy letters

  108. Leadership development

  109. Youth program

  110. I ask everyone to think about it and send suggestions

  111. Did a presentation on rematriation

  112. With foundations that help tribes

  113. Richard Turner says 400 houses are being built on the Dimery land by the Holliday family

  114. He lost the lease to farm land because a family used it for housing

  115. 2C John: if you were to file a suit saying the land was Waccamaw, wouldn’t that stop the building?

  116. VC Cheryl: it would hold it up while the case was pending

  117. Susan: Chief and I went to a legislative event

  118. Hembree put $140k in the budget to help with the bathhouse project

  119. 2C John: any decision on the floor in the kitchen?

  120. Elder Larry: Susan pointed out that you won’t be able to get into the cabinets turning the bar you originally wanted to

Susan motioned to close the meeting; Marion seconded.

Marion-yes, Chris-yes, Robert-yes, Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Dalton-yes

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 3/21/2023 at 5:17 pm.


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