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September 2019 Open Meeting

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 9/13/2019 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC CM’s Robert, Susan, John, Marion, Alan, Dalton, and CoC Rick present. Elders Doug, Becky, and Dan present. 2C Cheryl present. Chief Hatcher introduced Carla Goodson who has helped with the National Guard Carla: group collects donations, gloves, food, water for reservations dealing with catastrophes Collected saddles for Sacred Ride, which lasts 18 days Provide a space for people to sleep (25/ room or area) Do pickups in Grey Court, Missouri, Rosebud, Navaho, Montana, New Mexico Need bulk food, tents, laundry detergent, gloves Organization started by Roger Dupuis (sp?) Motto: Native Flags under one Nation John T: ar

Announcement: Indigenous Women's Alliance Luncheon

The IWA luncheon has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 14th, 11:30AM-3PM, due to Hurricane Dorian’s expected impact on our area this week. All Waccamaw women are invited, as we are hosting the luncheon and getting to know the women from other tribes across the state. Please RSVP or go to the IWA Facebook page to reply. Thank you. Vice Chief Cheryl Cail

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