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March 2019 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 3/1/2019 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Dalton, Marion, Alan, John, Robert, and CoC Rick present. Elders Doug, Becky, and Avalene present.

  2. Financial Report

  3. General Fund: $14,476.05

  4. Building Fund: $350.55

  5. Online Votes

  6. 2/13 Sign Property Deed

  7. Alan-yes, John-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  8. 2/21 Decide which equipment building to use

  9. Alan-yes, John-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  10. Purchase original item as discussed

  11. 2/27 Approve February Meeting Summary

  12. Alan-yes, John-abstain, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  13. Old Business

  14. Cemetery Update

  15. John: how many cemeteries do we have?

  16. Hallman Cemetery: 5-6 sites

  17. One across field here at the office

  18. Homer’s family- Jewel Road?

  19. Ridge Road- in our names

  20. John: Are these deed, are there boundaries, who owns the land?

  21. Will we have the same fight on our hands with the others?

  22. Want to be proactive

  23. Let 2C Cheryl research

  24. Dalton: should probably set up a committee

  25. Rick: Jeffrey BEan has documentation and research on it

  26. New Business

  27. Donnie’s AC: 2 valves on the AC- reverse valve and one by it- one or both are bad

  28. Both valves need to be replaced

  29. James Air got it running ($85 service call), but now it’s back to not running

  30. Parts have warranty; Labor has no warranty, have to pay

  31. Dalton: what’s the bottom line?

  32. Rick: $500-700 to fix

  33. John:ducting issues too according to Donnie; Can James Air take care of it too?

  34. Rick: yes, probably $200

  35. Glenn C: he’ll probably want to put new duct work in

  36. Rick: have to tear up the floor to fix it

  37. Alan motioned to fix the unit up to $700; Rick seconded

  38. Alan-yes, John-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  39. Larry J: Horses at events

  40. Rick: therapy riding on Fishing Day

  41. Picked Larry for gathering the cost of the horse and upkeep for a year

  42. Larry: my horses are performance horses; kids can feed, but not ride

  43. Larry gave Council monthly upkeep figures; Larry will board the horse

  44. Approximately $1500/year (feed, shots, etc) per horse

  45. Rick: need older, calmer horses for therapy riding

  46. Horse cost: $300-500

  47. Larry: more people would stay during the Pauwau; charge to ride

  48. Do a Saturday event every month

  49. John: can we demo this to gauge interest?

  50. Robert: cost of the saddle, bridle?

  51. Larry: I have them

  52. Dalton: see if we can get someone to sponsor it

  53. As far as monthly fee, send out letter to members for donations

  54. John: shouldn’t we have events for tribal members instead of outsiders?

  55. Alan: at our events, the same people show up

  56. Dalton: we could do a potluck every month

  57. Alan: we could do a Fishing Day just for tribal kids

  58. Larry: have an old folks Fishing Day

  59. Elder Doug: send out email and survey for interest

  60. Dalton: we could combine them all into 1 day

  61. Rick: I want Larry to head this up

  62. Mike G: it’s also highly recommended for those with PTSD

  63. Rick: think of the cost, should we do it, etc…

  64. I will send letter if it’s a go

  65. Larry: some costs would taken care of by me

  66. Committee Reports

  67. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

  68. Drum put into the ground; need pipe and pump

  69. Thank Elder Doug for the drum

  70. More trees have been cut

  71. 3/31: pressure washing, weather permitting

  72. Trencher: $125/ day to rent one that needs horses; $200-225 for self-moving one

  73. John motioned to rent self-propelled trencher; Rick seconded

  74. Alan-yes, John-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  75. Dalton: Just sent Susan an email about it too

  76. Work Days are marked on calendar at office

  77. Working on electric 3/23 during Spring Equinox

  78. Marion: is Chief Hatcher meeting on the 16th with the other chiefs about moving to the governor's office

  79. Marion: cement pad for Breast Cancer van

  80. Rick: sent Susan an email for information

  81. Need to look at locations for easiest access in/out

  82. Need to know whether they need 110 or 220

  83. Discuss on 3/23 at Spring Equinox

  84. Arts & Crafts

  85. John: certification requires 3 items

  86. Michelle: and the application from 2C Phil/ Susan

  87. Dalton: I couldn’t tell you much about art and the techniques

  88. We’ll need certified artists in the room to when Council looks at items

  89. Rick motioned to let Susan come up with the guidelines for when Council looks at items; Robert seconded

  90. Alan-yes, John-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  91. John: each different item would have to have its own criteria (necklaces, dreamcatchers, medicine bag)

  92. Glenn: by state law, you only need to be part of the tribe to create Native art

  93. Elder Doug: have grapevines if people need them

  94. Robert: and you must have certification paper showing when you sell your art as Waccamaw

  95. Pauwau: Glenn

  96. Need an Elder to show up to the meetings

  97. Food vendors will be required to send in their regular menus before coming

  98. Trying to get Tina to do frybread- she needs to come up with money

  99. And see if she will feed volunteers/ dancers

  100. Doing at least 2 fundraisers this year

  101. Drum: got an okay from Jason from Red Oak

  102. Want at least 2 drums to avoid downtime

  103. Elder Doug: want women on the drum

  104. Maybe survey people to see if there are/ will be issues

  105. John: would it benefit us if women charge less?

  106. Alan: also talk with dancers to get their thoughts

  107. Dalton: Chief Hatcher should have the notebook containing last year’s dancers’ information

  108. Rick: we want to keep with tradition

  109. Traditions evolve over time

  110. Dalton: Meeting 3/29-31- Summertown, SC, Camp Bob Cooper, exit 115

  111. Rick and Michelle to attend

  112. Elder Standing Bear: some will have video of their work

  113. I feel they can do as well as men

  114. It’s a talent- they have it or don’t

  115. Rick: should they be separate from men?

  116. Elder Standing Bear: mixed group

  117. Elder Becky: think they should be able to drum and be paid the same

  118. Elder Doug: have a Pauwau done completely by women

  119. Dalton: Looking for volunteers, just email us

  120. Submit pictures and stories for the program book now so they can be proofed

  121. Meetings are the second Thursday at 6pm at the tribal office

  122. John: can we post ads on the website? (for all but the $50 ads)

  123. Michelle: would have to check with Doug

  124. Put QR Code on AD sheet?

  125. Next meeting 3/14 at 6pm

  126. Hemp: Rick

  127. Spoke with Richard & talked to 3 others over the last month

  128. No one has said not to do it

  129. Priced seed

  130. CBD- raised, cloned, oil- 5lb bag: $2500

  131. Alan: how many would that plant?

  132. Michelle: SC General Assembly passed the law to remove the cap on the number of farmers who can grow hemp; still needs to go to Senate

  133. Rick: Richard thought it would be $1000/ acre for what he priced, think fiber

  134. John: our cost would be?

  135. Rick: not worked out yet

  136. How weather-resistant is it?

  137. Rick: should be okay, except during hurricane

  138. Rick: federal laws at time will tell us if we can get crop insurance

  139. Oil is probably quick money for short time (probably 5-10 years)

  140. John: fiber is probably more long-term

  141. Larry: seeds get worse each time you reuse it, especially with hybrids

  142. John: also look at people investing

  143. Example: put $1000 in, get $2000 back

  144. Rick: Chief Hatcher also talking to Catawba

  145. Resolution DH-03-01-2019-001: Exemption for Concealed Weapons Permit Holders: First Reading

  146. Elder Becky: restrict it to members

  147. Marion: only pistols, no longarms

  148. Glenn: so what we’re saying is if someone comes in and shoots, we’ll have to go to our car to get our weapon?

  149. Dalton: better to call the law

  150. Marie: 3/15 benefit dinner for Trevor at 6pm at HGTC: $65/ person

  151. Rick: thoughts on tribe buying 2 tickets and sending 2 representatives from the tribe?

  152. Council nodded in approval

  153. Rick authorized $130 for Dalton & Michelle to represent the tribe at the HGTC benefit dinner on 3/15

John motioned to close the meeting; Robert seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:34 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 3/20/19 at 12:41 am.

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