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April 2024 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 4/5/2024  held at the tribal office and via Zoom

  1. CM’s Susan, Emily, Glenn, Marion, Robert, and CoC Dalton were present. 2C Alan had CM Chris’ proxy. Elders Becky S and Larry J were present. Acting Chief Cheryl and 2C Alan were present.

  2. Members Dr. Dillian, Betty L, Nancy J, Clayton G, Dona M, Stephen W, Aaron F, Rebecca F, Randy W, Steven T, Carol L, Lisa L, Kevin D were present. Guest Monty B was present.

  3. Financial Report (as of 4/4/2024 at 1:46 pm)

  4. General Fund: $40,381.85

  5. Building Fund: $1866.61

  6. Cemetery Fund: $407.00

  7. Old Business

  8. Online Votes

  9. 3/20: Waccamaw Longhouse Memorial Sign

  10. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Dalton-yes

  11. 3/21 Approve March Meeting Summary

  12. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, 2C Alan (Chris)- yes, Dalton-yes

  13. 3/22 Catawba Request for Willows

  14. Emily-yes, Susan-abstain, Glenn-no, Marion-yes, 2C Alan (Chris), Dalton-yes

  15. 3/26 Allow Blakelyn Leger from CCU to use our FB profile picture or header for the interpretive trail

  16. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, 2C Alan (Chris)- yes, Dalton-yes

  17. Survey Quotes

  18. Glenn: $5000 quote from Palmetto Surveyors (Conway)

  19. $2000 quote from J&W Surveyors (Aynor)

  20. Marion: make sure they have plats

  21. AC Cheryl: who are the companies?

  22. Glenn: one in Conway, one in Aynor

  23. CoC Dalton: email us the details

  24. Glenn: the one in Conway needs to know 6 weeks ahead; once we give him the money

  25. The $5000 quote is at least 2 weeks out

  26. The one in Conway gave me a third person to call; no response yet

  27. Glenn: I suggest waiting on a third quote

  28. Policy letters

  29. Susan sent them by email to Tribal Council

  30. Council should review them and be prepared to make changes where needed

  31. Dr. Dillian: we’re moving ahead to the exhibit

  32. We’re bringing materials on Monday; students will help

  33. 4/16 @ 3 pm

  34. Canadian Film Day is 4/17 @ 6 pm: Trick or Treaty

  35. Free tickets

  36. Held at CCU

  37. AC Cheryl: the signs look good

  38. Dr. Dillian: the students appreciated people talking to them

  39. Glenn C: John T would like to put the core/ noncore requirement for Chief on the ballot

  40. Glenn C motioned to put it on the ballot

  41. CoC Dalton: you want a motion to have a referendum?

  42. Glenn C: yes

  43. CoC Dalton: do we have a second?

  44. No second; motion fails

  45. New Business

  46. Monty Hawk Branham (Catawba Artisan)

  47. It’s long overdue to form this bond; we’re stronger with a united voice

  48. I’ve run a sweat lodge for over 25 years

  49. I want to bring back several ceremonies to reconnect

  50. I want to extend and assist with the endeavors of WIP

  51. Keith Little Bear Brown runs a behavioral health program

  52. We’re trying to plant willows

  53. We use them to build the sweat lodge

  54. Chief Harris reached out to see if WIP would let him have some

  55. I was asked to come down and help with your current projects

  56. Especially with ceremonies

  57. Our ancestors sacrificed languages, traditions, and customs to avoid persecution and prosecution

  58. We’d like to provide healing for our ancestors and ourselves and generations to come

  59. Keith mentioned fire ceremonies

  60. I haven’t been to one of yours and would be honored to come

  61. I’m not coming to change people; we all have our own path

  62. I would like an understudy for procedures; it is a commitment

  63. CoC Dalton: thanks for coming

  64. Reminder: PW meeting on Thursday

  65. You can meet with Marion or Robert about the fire

  66. Monty B: I started this journey more than 30 years ago

  67. I’m a master potter, play flute, drum, lead ceremonies

  68. A part of community programs and government, presentations, and representation

  69. AC Cheryl: You coordinated 4/6 @ 11

  70. Maybe fire too if Marion will do it

  71. Monty B: I’ll talk to anyone about programs

  72. Any ceremonies brought back with active people provide a deeper connection to the ancestors

  73. I’ll share my stories

  74. Indigenous are special because of their connection to Mother Earth

  75. We’ve gotten away from those things and need to rebuild the connection

  76. We need the state and federal governments to recognize all of us

  77. Receipts

  78. Fuel

  79. Glenn C: The card isn’t working

  80. Look at the dates and signatures

  81. Susan: some are prepaid

  82. Marion: when the receipt comes out, it says prepaid

  83. AC Cheryl: can they set it up to send the bill to us?

  84. Michelle: they only like to deal with Donnie

  85. Susan: we shouldn’t be getting bills 3 months late

  86. CoC Dalton: hold the receipts until next month and have Donnie explain it

  87. Set the two questionable ones to the side and ask him about it

  88. Total: $50.40

  89. CoC Dalton motioned to pay; Robert seconded

  90. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, 2C Alan (Chris)- yes, Dalton-yes

  91. Check 1074 B&G Fund

  92. Committee Reports

  93. Building & Grounds: Glenn

  94. Nothing new

  95. 2C Alan: where are we on the ditches?

  96. Susan: we need an update on it

  97. Glenn: I can only do so much with my knee

  98. Susan: I’m just worried about it being there during PW time

  99. Should we hire someone?

  100. Glenn: that depends on you guys

  101. AC Cheryl: labor & supplies?

  102. Glenn: both

  103. AC Cheryl: there were 3 leaks to repair

  104. Susan: on fiber optics: is it terminated or unterminated?

  105. Glenn: terminated, just need a box

  106. AC Cheryl: what is the distance for piping?

  107. Glenn: 300, I think

  108. Marion: we had 500 ft donated

  109. Susan: if we had a plan, more people could come out

  110. Dr. Dillian: we could get our ROTC students who need service hours to help

  111. Glenn: I think it’s 300 ft pipe, 500 ft cable

  112. Susan: give us a plan of attack

  113. Glenn: make it a work day and have people out here

  114. AC Cheryl: Is it drawn up?

  115. Glenn: no

  116. AC Cheryl: Anthony Edwards does design work for repairs and upgrades

  117. Glenn: there wasn’t a picture before; it’s why we have trenches now

  118. Marion: didn’t you say to put a marker in it?

  119. Glenn: yes, until we saw the price

  120. Arts & Crafts

  121. Nothing new

  122. Grants: AC Cheryl

  123. NEH grant was denied

  124. Dr. Dillian: I want to get their review notes

  125. Donnelly Grant: submitted 3/29

  126. We have a meeting on our plans with the exhibit, mapping

  127. It looks like it will be granted

  128. This one is done with American Rivers (AR) and they get 19% off the top

  129. They manage it

  130. We can apply on our own next year

  131. AC Cheryl: this grant gives Michelle & others interested the ability to certify as a grant writer

  132. AC Cheryl: is the 19% just on our half or the whole grant?

  133. Dr. Dillian: or the whole amount or certain categories?

  134. Marion motioned to allow AR to do 19% or less on this grant; 2C Alan seconded

  135. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, 2C Alan (Chris)- yes, Dalton-yes

  136. Catalyst Grant: due 4/26

  137. EPA Community Change Grant: it has 2 tracks

  138. Track 1: climate resilience 

  139. Use a community center to provide training on the environment

  140. Education on plants

  141. Technical assistance

  142. Design plans could help with pipelines

  143. Up to $2M

  144. Track 2: community engagement & webinars

  145. Provide training for members

  146. Up to $250k

  147. We can apply for both

  148. AC Cheryl: do we apply for track 1, track 2, or both?

  149. <Provided slides to Tribal Council>

  150. CoC Dalton: any questions?

  151. It makes sense to do both

  152. 2C Alan: could we build a hurricane shelter?

  153. AC Cheryl: it could depend on zones

  154. We fall under EJ, but not FEMA zones

  155. Aynor High School is probably in FEMA zone

  156. 2C Alan: would we manage it?

  157. AC Cheryl: it would be ours

  158. Susan: can we design it?

  159. AC Cheryl: that’s part of the design plan

  160. Susan: can we do a turtle, like Turtle Island?

  161. AC Cheryl: we would have to talk with them

  162. Someone gave us a picture/ plan of it; check the filing cabinets

  163. AC Cheryl motioned to apply for track 1 and track 2; Robert seconded

  164. Elder Larry: go for both

  165. Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, 2C Alan (Chris)- yes, Dalton-yes

  166. SCAC grant due 4/16

  167. Pauwau

  168. Looking for pictures of our older members

  169. Elder Becky provided 2 pictures

  170. Start selling ads/ memorial pages for the program book

  171. Working on demonstrators to finalize the flier earlier

  172. Files

  173. Nathan K (honorary)

  174. 2C Alan: His was done a few months ago

  175. Michelle: please send me his working email address

  176. Newsletter

  177. Need articles

  178. Susan: Cheryl, send me about a page-long letter

  179. Don’t forget: letters of intent go in there too

  180. CoC Dalton: not rerunning due to health

  181. AC Cheryl: for June?

  182. Susan: by May 15

  183. AC Cheryl: is it ok if David H camps the week of the 19th?

  184. Susan: yes; CoC, send him an email telling him he has permission all the time while he is working out here

  185. Susan: got a call from a lady at Brookgreen Gardens

  186. The suk we built isn’t there anymore due to kids

  187. She’d like us to construct another one

  188. Are we up to it?

  189. AC Cheryl: probably not; it only benefits them

  190. It was Waccamaw land

  191. When are they looking to do it?

  192. Susan: she wants us to drum and have a jewelry class too

  193. They would host any event we want there

  194. If it’s something we aren’t being charged for, I think we should do it including education on the suk for children

  195. Marion: are they going to buy the materials?

  196. Susan: I haven’t gone that far

  197. And we still have materials at the house

  198. Put fencing and plexiglass around the suk with an informational sign

  199. We will need willow trees to do it

  200. Dr. Dillian: I know the president there (Paige); I could set up times for us to meet with her

  201. Susan: let me get back with the first lady

  202. Susan: last time, some people couldn’t visit the cemetery despite being family

  203. We couldn’t get into the archives there

  204. Reminder: Fire Ceremony dates for 2024: 6/22, 9/21, 12/14

  205. 2C Alan: Reminder: Edisto PW: 4/26-27

  206. Acting Chief

  207. Black River Project- 70 miles acquired & being developed

  208. It’s mapped out; a couple of sites were large

  209. If there’s enough SC tribes that want to use it

  210. It’s excluded from park access

  211. It would need utilities, parking, facilities, etc…

  212. It seems unuseful for 2 intertribal events/ year

  213. After meetings, we could have an engagement with the public

  214. Construct sweat lodges there

  215. It’s far enough out that Monty can help with lodge training

  216. I’m looking at a better use for intertribal/ intercultural events

  217. It would be like a park

  218. I have a meeting with the Council of Chiefs soon

  219. What are your thoughts- just intertribal or intercultural and building out exhibits?

  220. Susan: still need facilities

  221. AC Cheryl: yes, they would be there

  222. Susan: Even if it’s done 1-2 times/year, people could still camp year-round

  223. AC Cheryl: that would be set up

  224. Susan: just Native?

  225. AC Cheryl: yes

  226. Susan: each tribe could set up

  227. AC Cheryl yes

  228. AC Cheryl: would we have a third PW?

  229. Susan: like the Unity PW

  230. AC Cheryl: yes, who else would do a PW there?

  231. Some think “Why would we do it when we have our own land?”

  232. Susan: could have vision quests for kids

  233. AC Cheryl: sweat lodge, fire ceremonies

  234. Marion: other tribes need to start training firekeepers

  235. As Monty said, we need more dedicated people

  236. AC Cheryl: would it be useful for us and useful for intertribal/ intercultural events?

  237. Marion: PW takes a lot of work

  238. Glenn: last Unity PW was 2009

  239. 2C Alan: with Council of Chiefs, you’d have all of the tribes together

  240. AC Cheryl: they are doing the heavy lifting; we consult and provide knowledge

  241. Susan: I think it would be a good idea; I don’t want to turn it down

  242. Let’s hear what other tribes have to say

Susan motioned to close the meeting; Emily seconded.

Emily-yes, Susan-yes, Glenn-yes, Marion-yes, Robert-yes, 2C Alan (Chris)- yes, Dalton-yes

The meeting adjourned at 9:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 4/25/2024 at 1:09 am.


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