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February 2022 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/04/2022 held via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marion, Chris, Robert, Glenn, and CoC Dalton present. VC Cheryl, 2C Alan, 2C John present. 2C John served as proxy for CM Susan. Filekeeper Starla present.

  2. Financial Report (as of 2/4/2022 at 1:07 pm)

    1. General Fund: $17,611.36

    2. Building Fund: $3795.30

    3. Cemetery Fund: $1848.96

  3. Old Business

    1. Online Votes

      1. 2/1 January Meeting Summary Approved with name spelling changes

        1. 2C John for CM Susan-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-abstain, Dalton-yes

  4. New Business

    1. Committee Reports

      1. Buildings & Grounds: Glenn

        1. Need to set up date with Chris H for using tractor

          1. Chris: friend with the tractor will help, would probably wait until March

          2. Materials have increased since we first bought them

        2. VC Cheryl to Glenn: have you gotten in touch with Mike Frye about dirt?

          1. Glenn: not yet

      2. Pauwau: Dalton

        1. Need another voting member

          1. VC Cheryl: Jeanie W wants to know how to get on the committee

          2. CoC Dalton: get in touch with the Pauwau Committee

          3. They nominate, Council approves

          4. 2C John: Larry Jernigan would like to as well

        2. Cutoff date is 8/31 in case we need to cancel because of Covid

        3. Next meeting: 2/10 at 6:30 pm (2nd Thursday each month)

      3. Drum: Glenn

        1. We received a CD from Kevin D to practice

          1. It seems like it’s more vocal than drum

          2. Kevin D: will try to get just the beat or a cleaner copy

          3. Any samples you want, let me know

      4. Files: Dalton

        1. Next meeting 2/19 at 7pm, both physical and Zoom available

        2. Ms. Starla wants to step down as Filekeeper

          1. If you’re interested and have experience with computers, databases, customer service calls, let us know so Council can make a decision

        3. VC Cheryl: I have a question about the files that aren’t in the office: can they and the ID printer be brought to the office?

          1. I also suggest making cards once per month

          2. CoC Dalton: we need that and all materials moved back to the office from Starla and Carol Ann’s list (from her calls to members)

        4. CoC Dalton: I may end up taking the position

          1. VC Cheryl: why not have the Files Committee or 1 person from it go make cards when they’re available

          2. CoC Dalton: I’ll look through the constitution to make sure we don’t need to change it to allow it

      5. Newsletter

        1. CoC Dalton: I sent the newsletter resolution to Council, but only received 1 or 2 votes

          1. VC Cheryl: doesn’t it have to be approved by Council?

          2. CoC Dalton: initially, but it didn’t used to be that way

          3. VC Cheryl: who’s responsible for dates to send them out?

          4. CoC Dalton: the committee, but preferably right before the solstice and equinox ceremonies

          5. Resolution DH-02-04-2022-001: Establishing Newsletter Committee: 1st reading

          6. Glenn motioned to accept; Marion seconded

          7. 2C John for CM Susan-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

          8. VC Cheryl: an email was sent out asking for content; need committees to respond by 2/25 to let them get it to Council on 3/4 for approval and get get it out in time for the Spring equinox

          9. CoC Dalton: also need Letters of Intent for this election year

    2. VC Cheryl

      1. Recognized Dr. Dillian et al for receiving the Outstanding Public Archaeology Initiative Award from the Society for American Archaeology

        1. The award lists Dr. Dillian, Waccamaw, CCU, and Horry County Museum as recipients

          1. Dr. Dillian: I found out today about the joint award; we will receive it in Chicago at the end of March/ early April

          2. The award is for the Horry County Museum exhibit that can be viewed in-person or at

        2. The award gives visibility to the exhibit and to the Waccamaw

        3. The conference generates thousands of people with archaeology from around the world

        4. We will have a paper to talk about the exhibit from myself, Dr. Clary, and Ms. Jones (student) highlighting the exhibit and what we did

        5. Thank you to everyone who helped and talked to our students

      2. VC Cheryl: I was offered a position with American Rivers- Associate Director for the Pee Dee, Waccamaw, and Blackwater area

        1. I won’t be leaving the area

        2. American Rivers addresses water contamination

        3. I can work on conservation projects to bring Waccamaw into that area

    3. 2C Alan

      1. Reminder: there is a meeting with the state museum on 2/7 and an outbrief on the tribal grounds

        1. It discusses the exhibit they will do there

        2. It’s open to everyone and starts at 11am

    4. 2C John

      1. Reminder: Family Day is 2/19

        1. Expecting around 60 people

        2. I’m working on food arrangements, looking for side dishes

          1. 2C Alan: vegetable soup

          2. VC Cheryl: clam chowder

          3. Nancy J: casserole

          4. Marion: dirty rice, chili

        3. Need to buy bowls

      2. I’ve been investigating on buying a couple of popups, at least 2 for use outside (rain, social distancing, extra space)

        1. CoC Dalton: how much are they?

          1. 2C John: around $100 each

          2. CoC Dalton: get the price to Council

          3. 2C John: can you give me a $200 limit and then Council approval:

          4. Glenn motioned to allow 2C John to spend up to $200 on 2 popup tents; Robert seconded

          5. 2C John for CM Susan-yes, Chris-yes, Marion-yes, Glenn-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes

      3. If you desire to be reimbursed for the food you’re providing, save your receipts

    5. VC Cheryl

      1. On a webinar with Low Country Conservation of Land

        1. I needed to reach out to someone about the pros/cons of Little River Neck conservation

          1. The land is in a family trust and has conservation covenants

          2. CoC Dalton: I think we need a full contract first

          3. VC Cheryl: I just want Council to know that I’m only gathering information

          4. Glenn: her long-term thing was she wanted the tribe to have it, but she needed money

          5. VC Cheryl: She wants us to do a vision quest, but we couldn’t do fire because her sister doesn’t want fire on the land

          6. I want to see it as a park with Waccamaw recognition

    6. CoC Dalton: Ms. Jean’s service is 2/5 at 11am in Dillon at the New Life Family Worship Center

      1. You can make donations to the tribe in her name

Marion motioned to close the meeting; Robert seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 8:09 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 2/20/2022 at 12:06 pm


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