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October 2020 Open Meeting

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/2/2020 held via Zoom

  1. CM’s Marion, Dalton, Susan, Alan, John present. 2C Phil & Members Glenn Cook, Carol Ann Para present.

  2. Financial Report (according to CNB site)

  3. General Fund: $17991.57

  4. Building Fund: $3691.89

  5. August/ September summaries approved

  6. Marion-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes

  7. Old Business

  8. Susan: Ballots need to be mailed

  9. Rick says he got 1

  10. They haven’t been mailed yet; only Council received the ballot to be approved

  11. Dalton suggests mailing them soon

  12. Susan: nothing from the Elders yet

  13. 2C Phil: they would be fine with us moving on this without them

  14. John: Do we need a return date? Give them to 11/15

  15. 2C Phil: need to change swearing-in ceremony

  16. Alan: they counted ballots at winter solstice last time

  17. Susan: send it to M&M; need list of members age 18+ so they can do labels

  18. John: cost?

  19. Susan: unsure, have to have the number of names to get a quote

  20. Meetings

  21. Rick & Susan talked beforehand

  22. Susan: go back to office meetings & stay 6ft apart on a Sat/ Sun afternoon

  23. John: we could try outside, but fine with Zoom until 1/1

  24. If 1 person feels uncomfortable being there, then it’s not worth it

  25. Dalton: would wait until after the first of the year

  26. Marion: need a webcam

  27. Glenn C: Robert said he would bring his pc next time

  28. John: motion to continue Zoom meetings through January; Alan seconded

  29. Marion-yes, Alan-yes, Dalton-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes

  30. Clayton Jernigan

  31. Susan: he would like to vote this time; would like to approve him without paperwork

  32. Chief Hatcher: you approved that already

  33. Susan: Glenn, was his ID card mailed?

  34. Glenn C: yes; Honorary. We still to make his full card

  35. School Days

  36. Susan: looking at Spring next year

  37. Need to decide on content

  38. Cost is $5/ student

  39. 2C Phil: will that cover gas?

  40. Susan: yes

  41. Susan: need 3-5 people to help

  42. 2C Phil: 7

  43. John: do you have to set it up like before?

  44. Susan: depends on Covid-19 & principals

  45. John: can you do it 3 times per day?

  46. Susan: depends on the school

  47. Alan: a lot of schools have courtyards

  48. Newsletter

  49. Susan: need to give Carol Ann guidance & budget, tools on how to do it

  50. Dalton: Carol Ann, do you have MS Word