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RIP Frank Hatcher

From Chief Hatcher:

Once in a lifetime, there comes a person who will value their principals, morals and their people above all else.

They will suffer any pain; carry any load, walk any path to make life better for those around them; some of which he didn't even know them.

Frank's feet have trod trails that many will never know. His heart has touched many beyond his own community, and friends and even many without knowing the. He has led when no other would and he has succeeded when no other could. He was a voice from the pits of inequality that would not be quieted. Earth is a better place because he walked upon it. His wisdom now, will be shared with the ancients because he has earned his place on the mountain of eternity. What is lost to us is gained in the eternal light! Rest In Peace, my friend! You have earned it! #RIP


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