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August 2008 Open Meeting Summary 08012008

Tribal Open Meeting 8/1/08 held at Shoney’s in Conway

Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM

  1. July meeting minutes read. One thing to be added at the bottom of the minutes is “Respectfully submitted by <name> and then signed by all Council members to accept them. Meeting minutes accepted with the revision.

  2. Financial Report from Iris: account -$126.01 and account possibly closed. A suggestion for a new account was made; however, until court matters are settled, a consensus was come to that an account in the name of the Waccamaw Indian People was a bad idea.

  3. Elder Chief Buster Hatcher paid $1500 to Attorney Snow to look over our case and decide if he could help us. Mr. Snow will take the case. A $5,000 check was written and only 3 council members approved it. The Secretary of State and the Commission for Minority Affairs need letters recognizing the new governing body. The tribal office electricity was cut off by the splinter group. Elder Chief Hatcher Suggested that the court case be the Waccamaw Indian People against Kui Clearwater, Sandy Cox, Joe Dozier, and Jim Webb personally up to $7,500 (as that is the limit). On August 21, 2008 there will be a meeting about trespassing in front of Judge Mayers.

Old Business

  1. Reaffirmation of online votes were done for:

  2. Logo

  3. Buster to be made Sergeant at Arms

  4. Letters of Intent

  5. Joint Resolution

  6. Move files out of the office to Elder Chief Hatcher’s house

  7. Giving Elder Chief Hatcher authority to bring the lawsuit to court and grant him Chief privileges until the next election

  8. Elections Committee

  9. Volunteers: Susan, Iris, Jeanie

  10. Ballots need to be put together and mailed

  11. Newsletters need to be done

  12. Susan suggested a third party be used to verify that the election is legal

  13. Motion made, voted upon, and passed unanimously

  14. Third party is Rev. Dr. Craig Talbot

  15. Susan reminded everyone that ballots must be sent out 60 days from 6/11/08

  16. Ballots must be sent out no later than 9/11/08

  17. Election must be held within 30 days of the last date of ballots which would be 10/11/08

  18. Revocation of Tribal ID Cards

  19. Remove cards for Jim Webb, Sandy Cox, Kui Clearwater, Joe Dozier, and Winnie Lloyd

  20. All elders (excluding Pete Bryant and Jerry Vann) will be given two options: resign or have their cards pulled

  21. Volunteers to make the complaints; Iris is to send out the letters

  22. Inventory of Tribal Assets (number 5 on agenda)

  23. Basic inventory is done: some items are missing

  24. ID Cards (number 4 on agenda)

  25. Problems:

  26. Some numbers expired

  27. Some members given new numbers

  28. Suggestions

  29. All members keep their original numbers

  30. Retired numbers stay retired

  31. Deceased numbers remain not in use

  32. Revoked numbers remain not in use

  33. All numbers get used once

  34. Reassign numbers as they should be

  35. Correct sequence (parent before child)

  36. There is 1 duplicate number

  37. 171 adult photos and 116 without photos

  38. New cards with the new logo and the SCIAC logo

  39. Motion to apply the new cards was made

  40. Voted and passed unanimously

  41. Exception to the 3 reading rule to make this go in to effect immediately

  42. Voted and passed unanimously

  43. Arts Committee (number 8 on agenda)

  44. Linda was appointed temporary leader and she is to form her committee

  45. Once the committee is formed, the committee elects its chairperson

  46. Cheryl Sievers (provided she pays her fine and she agreed) and Linda Atkinson’s standing was restored to good standing so they could participate in the committee

  47. Voted and passed unanimously

  48. Suggestion- Dalton Hatcher

  49. Committee chairperson cannot be a part of the governing body

  50. Committees of all natures are answerable to Council

  51. Committees must prepare a report for Council once a month

  52. Suggestions accepted

  53. Work Day (number 9 on agenda)

  54. (A) Chief Susan Hatcher to make a to-do list and give to CoC Scott Beaver

New Business

1. Elect Secretary/Treasurer

a. Secretary volunteers: Norma Hucks, Linda Atkinson, Michelle Hatcher

i. Meeting Minutes: Norma Hucks

ii. Genealogy/ Historian: Linda Atkinson

iii. People’s Alliance: Michelle Hatcher

  1. Keep current Treasurer Reba

  2. Suggestion: No member of the governing body can be treasurer

  3. Votes

  4. Norma Hucks, Linda Atkinson, and Michelle Hatcher accepted their positions and were accepted by Council

  5. Reba is to remain the Treasurer at this time

2. Pau Wau Committee

a. Wait on pau wau information until trials are over

b. Tabled until another meeting

3. Waccamaw Nation

a. Members on the list of the executive board are to be removed from the tribal role because a member cannot hold more than one tribal membership

b. Second Chief Iris Ewing is to work on the database

i. Original files are to be sent back to those removed

ii. Copies of the files are to be made first

c. Linda Atkinson is to try to get more addresses

d. All voted upon and passed unanimously

4. Shawn’s grave site (number 11 on agenda)

a. tabled until another meeting

5. US Court (number 10 on agenda)

a. tabled until another meeting

6. Constitution Revisions (number 4 on agenda)

a. to be discussed online and made within 90 days

7. Suggestion from Council Member John Winburn to solicit money

a. need letterhead with a feather to solicit funds

b. (A) Chief Susan Hatcher gave John Winburn permission to use the letterhead

c. Tabled for another meeting

8. Linda Atkinson is creating a genealogy site and requests permission to use WIP on it

a. Tabled for another meeting

9. Rev. Dr. Craig Talbot brought up future events

10. Splinter Group (number 6 on agenda)

a. Hank upset

11. New PO Box

a. Need a way to get mail

i. Suggestion made to use a different address and not the post office

a. due to the current conflict

ii. Send address change to all members

12. $300 payment to Reggie Lynch (number 9 on agenda)

a. Reggie says he was never paid

b. Chief of Elders Pete Bryant says that Reggie was paid and in cash

c. Neither has a receipt showing their claim

Meeting closed at 9:33 PM

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 8/1/08 at 11:57PM.

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