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February 2010 Open Meeting Summary 02052010

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 2/5/2010 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. January summary read

  2. Susan (Richia) motioned, Robert seconded

  3. Dalton-yes, Susan (Richia)-yes, Robert-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Scott-yes

  4. Minutes accepted by majority

  5. Financial Report: Iris

  6. $10337.93 in bank including pending transactions

  7. $750 Verizon grant incoming

  8. Committee Reports

  9. Building & Grounds: Neal

  10. Filing cabinets painted

  11. Craig brought sweat lodge plans

  12. Gas for lawn mower

  13. Arts & Crafts: Brian

  14. Meeting held on 30th

  15. Brian (Chair), Susan (Co-Chair), Cha'kwaina (Secretary)

  16. 2/20 deadline for manual

  17. Work on organizational operations manual next

  18. Susan has application done

  19. Next Friday- vote

  20. Deborah- criteria manual

  21. Feathers

  22. 4/16: next meeting

  23. Video of doing feathers- Susan

  24. Tent for art display

  25. 1 member resigned

  26. CoC Scott: commend for good job

  27. Chief Buster: elaborate on problem

  28. Brian: goes back to the word “certify”

  29. Chief Buster- used to make sure art is real and uses real materials

  30. 2nd Chief Susan read the current certificate out loud

  31. Chief Buster suggested changing “Native American Art” to “Waccamaw Art”

  32. Criteria- Council needs to do research too

  33. “For Display Purposes Only” needs to be put on some art

  34. Some art is not functional

  35. Neal has clay at his house if anyone needs it

  36. Grants: Michelle

  37. Still looking at the Pepsi Refresh Grant

  38. PauWau

  39. No Report

  40. Family Day

  41. Neal: set up tents that morning

  42. Craig- tipi set up too

  43. Iris has trampoline and stand-alone basketball stand to donate

  44. Online Votes

  45. Turner Smith

  46. Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes

  47. 6 for, 0 against, 1 absent

  48. Deva Marie Barber

  49. Jeanie-yes, Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Robert-yes, Scott-yes

  50. 6 for, 0 against, 1 absent

  51. Charles Creech

  52. Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Jeanie-yes, Susan (Richia)-yes, Scott-yes

  53. 7 for, 0 against, 0 absent (passed unanimously)

  54. Books- $130 Federal Recognition Petition abbreviated version

  55. Thanks to Susan and Cheryl

  56. Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Susan (Richia)-yes, Scott-yes

  57. 7 for, 0 against, 0 absent (passed unanimously)

  58. Copy Machine Repair

  59. Robert: Can we get a service contract on this one?

  60. We would have to check into it; could be more costly than just repairing every few years

  61. Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes

  62. 6 for, 0 against, 1 absent

  63. CoC Beaver motioned to accept Michelle as official Tribal Secretary

  64. Dalton abstained

  65. Neal seconded

  66. Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Susan (Richia)-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes

  67. 6 for, 0 against, 1 abstained (passed by majority)

  68. Norma thanked for her service

  69. 2nd Chief Susan

  70. Census Bus: may use us for questionnaire spot for 2-3 days

  71. Still hiring

  72. Huntington State Park- 3/17 would like us to come back this year

  73. Hours are 10-3

  74. May be able to put us all together this year

  75. Newsletters

  76. Maybe do every other month this year because of election

  77. Trying to send out as many via email as possible

  78. Next newsletter in April; info to go in by 3/15

  79. Buster- Council needs to decide on cutoff date for elections and letters of intent

  80. Dalton suggests 6/15 (last newsletter before election)

  81. Dalton motion, Homer seconded

  82. Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Jeanie-yes, Susan (Richia)-yes, Scott-yes

  83. Passed unanimously

  84. Homer suggests doing it this way every year

  85. Takes a resolution to do it this way

  86. Chief Hatcher

  87. Donnie

  88. If we were to rent Donnie’s trailer out, we would get $300-400 per month

  89. During summer, grounds and cemetery are cut

  90. Chief Hatcher suggested we pay Donnie $100 per month

  91. Homer: look into flat plan and pay Donnie’s light bill each month

  92. Iris: We have $10,000 in bank. No objections, but we have to look at the big picture

  93. Buster: Effective 1/1/10, $100 till Council says the tribe can no longer afford it; Susan (Richia) seconded

  94. Dalton-yes, Robert-yes, Neal-yes, Homer-yes, Jeanie-yes, Susan (Richia), Scott- yes

  95. Passed unanimously

  96. As of today (2/5/2010), we owe Donnie $200

  97. DC Trip

  98. Lieberman met

  99. Petition given to 5 Congressmen

  100. Written Obama 10 times

  101. BIA/ BAR: would like more classes

  102. Would like to remove the right of Council members to use a 2nd Chief as their proxy

  103. Shouldn’t have proxies

  104. Should lean on Council members to be here

  105. Craig: Gary Anderson passed away

  106. Fireproof filing cabinets on order; should arrive in 10 days

  107. Haven’t looked into PC yet

Homer motioned for the meeting to end; Neal seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:01 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 2/8/10 at 2:55pm.

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