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March 2015 Open Meeting Summary 03062015

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 3/6/2015 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Susan, Homer, Robert, John, Rick, and aCoC Dalton present.

  2. February minutes read.

  3. Homer motioned to accept; Rick seconded

  4. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes

  5. Financial Report: Lori

  6. Building Fund: $5662.65

  7. Susan: return check: money was there, but bank had changed names; money is coming back

  8. General Fund: $7895.17

  9. Old Business

  10. Trademark of Tribal Logo: Susan

  11. Nothing yet

  12. Chief Hatcher: do poor man’s copyright in meantime

  13. 2nd Chief Phil: mail it to yourself too

b. John Turner: brought to my attention that deceased voted in the last election and those votes were discarded. Why wasn’t it brought it to Council?

1. Chief Hatcher: any specifics?

a. John: no

1. Chief Hatcher: they need to come forward

a. Rick: in his defense, I heard it as well

b. John: are there people that were there that heard it?

1. Steve O: we went by policy and notarized it

c. Chief Hatcher: anyone can make an insufficient charge; we have the right to confront to our accusers

2. John: so I can’t bring it up?

a. 2nd Chief Phil: you can’t bring up just the accusation; you have to bring the evidence. It’s already in the rules to make a complaint

3. Susan: if this person was there and saw it, and these guys (Elders & Steve) say it didn’t happen, I have to believe these guys

c. Membership Application: Chris Hatcher

1. Dalton/ Chief Hatcher: open the tribal roll book for this file only

a. John motioned; Homer seconded

1. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes

2. John: Chris helps us out on a lot of projects

3. Dalton has a picture of Chris on his phone and will email it to Jeania

4. Vote on file: Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes

d. Resolution DH-01-09-2015-001: Waccamaw Bucks Elimination: 3rd Reading

1. Robert motioned; Rick seconded

2. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes

5. New Business

a. Committee Reports

1. Arts & Crafts: 2nd Chief Phil

a. Brittany Taylor at Lancaster Museum- looks like 800ft display

b. Need more artisans

c. Made bone needles

d. Any decision on buildings?

1. Jeania: Todd looked at the mobile home: to repair it- $226

2. John: concern: not sure Todd went up on roof, but gaps on roof

3. Rick: fear is that $200 project turns into $2000 project fast

e Rick: can get a 40x60 building for $6000

1. Susan: as long as we don’t get rid of this office

f. Rick: can we agree to a cap?

1. Rick motioned to put a cap of $500 from the general fund on this project; Susan seconded

a. Homer-yes, John-yes, Susan-yes, Robert-yes, Rick-yes, Dalton-yes

b. Homer: what are you going to do about the heat and air?

d. Jeania: 14x60 kits for $355

2. Susan motio