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October 2010 Open Meeting Summary 10012010

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 10/1/2010 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor

  1. Dalton, Neal, Richia, Homer, Robert, Jeanie, Scott present.

  2. September minutes read.

  3. Dalton motioned to accept; Neal seconded

  4. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes. Neal-yes, Richia-yes. Scott-yes

  5. Financial Report- Iris’ email

  6. $2066.96 – does not include this month’s bills

  7. Online Votes

  8. Stamps/ envelopes for ballots

  9. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes

  10. Extend T-cards to February

  11. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes

  12. Change ballots from elder to tribal secretary

  13. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Neal-yes, Robert-yes, Richia-yes, Jeanie-yes, Scott-yes

  14. Elaine Gore: Horry County Council on Aging

  15. Not a government agency; much like a charity

  16. Primary service is home-delivered meals, level 1 housekeeping

  17. Age 60 and up or disabled

  18. Feathers given to Donnie, Doug, Michelle for awards last month

  19. Resolution SB-10-01-2010-001 Establishing Elections Committee received its 1st reading

  20. Committee Reports

  21. Building & Grounds: Neal

  22. Suk needs vines and mats

  23. Need more string nature trail rails

  24. Grants: Michelle

  25. Nothing new to report

  26. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  27. Next meeting 10/15 3pm

  28. Getting people up to speed on paperwork

  29. Pauwau: Linda

  30. Need volunteers to unload hay bales 11/3

  31. Contracts go out tomorrow

  32. Need gate volunteers for pauwau and school day

  33. Econo Lodge: $50/ room + tax per night by mentioning pauwau

  34. Port-o-potties here 11/3; pumped Fri/Sat and picked up on Mon.

  35. PW Program book back cover- 10% discount at Aynor Waffle House with book

  36. Richia: wanted some things back in there

  37. Scott/ Linda: come to the meeting

  38. Tracey Graham: Anthropologist @ HGTC

  39. Essays for website as her students learn about Waccamaw Indians

  40. Topics given to her:

  41. Buster: Why are Indians the only ones with their arts & crafts regulated?

  42. Buster: Why are Indians the only ones with their Freedom of Religion regulated (feathers)?

  43. Richia: What about artifacts all over SC museums we can’t get back?

  44. Rodlyn: color- you don’t look Indian- let people know color doesn’t make people Indian

  45. Bernie: Why are reservations still in existence?

  46. Dalton: Why are most or the vast majority of casinos owned by middle-aged white men, but as soon as people hear “casino,” they think “Indian”?

  47. Why are we the only ones who have to prove who we are?

  48. Why are the original illegal immigrants doing it to us?

  49. Robert motioned for Tracey and Doug to work together; Richia seconded

  50. Work with her to submit more; some students may want to pick their own

  51. All in agreement.

  52. Dalton: Arts & Crafts and Mr. Moore’s discussion

  53. Some of it is because we don’t have the money

  54. Another is a trading post. I don’t think it’s a good idea to send people down a dirt road; right now, I think a virtual trading post would be better

  55. Brochures at welcome center saying “site under development”

  56. Homer: Ask Dick Elliot (smile) for discount tribe when staying at beach

  57. Thought we were doing an arch on grounds

  58. Scott to Neal: did you get in touch with Wayne?

  59. Membership Files