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August 2016 Open Meeting Summary 08052016

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 08/05/2016 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Dalton, Mark, Homer, Robert, Susan, and Rick present.

  2. Chief Hatcher appointed John T to Council and swore him in to office

  3. Mark: flag given to the tribe & Chief Hatcher, donated by Ms. Dori

  4. Council retired to Executive Session and returned to open meeting

  5. Dalton read Jeania’s emails concerning files and ID cards, as requested

  6. June minutes read

  7. Mark motioned to accept; Susan seconded

  8. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, John-abstain, Rick-yes

  9. Financial Report

  10. General Fund: $10,073.76

  11. Building Fund: $4,431.33

  12. Online Votes

  13. 6/9 Accept HTC DSL Proposal

  14. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes

  15. 6/12 Port-a-potties for LW5

  16. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes

  17. 6/12 Allow camping on grounds by LW5 participants

  18. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes

  19. 6/20 Fix septic tank: $525

  20. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes

  21. 6/23 Pumpkin Patch Budget: $300

  22. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes

  23. 7/20 Hold off sending new constitution

  24. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes

  25. Old Business

  26. Cemetery Encroachment: 2nd Chief Cheryl

  27. Need an attorney; nothing happened in probate

  28. Long process; it could take years to resolve

  29. Chief Hatcher: still think we should write a letter to the judge

  30. Looks like a boundary dispute, our 2 acres wasn’t clearly laid out on the map

  31. Recommend giving Mr. James the piece of land he’s on

  32. John T: need to stake out 2 acres that are ours and get him to agree to it

  33. Larry: dogs run loose, bite my son, defecate on the property

  34. Chief Hatcher: if it’s not our land, it’s not Council business, it’s external.

  35. Cemetery Trustees Update

  36. Elder Dan: paperwork not available yet

  37. New Business

  38. Dalton: Inactive list was sent by email

  39. Motion to table till Sept meeting; Susan seconded

  40. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, John-yes, Rick-yes

  41. Rick: Fuel Tank (Diesel): company brings fuel out here & at cheaper price than the gas station

  42. 2nd Chief Phil: don’t fill it all the way up though

  43. Rick: asking for budget of $300 for tank and fuel (100gals)

  44. John: motion to set aside up to $300 for tank & pump; Robert seconded

  45. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes

  46. To come from Building Fund

  47. Committee Reports

  48. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  49. Brookgreen: need volunteers to help build suk; they will help us build ours once theirs is in place

  50. Probably take 1 day to cut willows and put up

  51. Covering half of it

  52. Grants: Michelle

  53. SCAC: $1000

  54. Chief Hatcher: Horry County Council decided not to give us accommodation tax grant

  55. Pauwau: Michelle

  56. Working on ads and PSA’s

  57. We discussed Craig Talbot and his behavior at last year’s pauwau (blessing circle, smudging people, etc)

  58. The committee decided to ban him from the Pauwau & ask that Council consider banning him from all WIP events

  59. Susan motioned to ban Craig Talbot from all WIP activities; Dalton seconded

  60. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes

  61. Chief Hatcher to send letter to notify him

  62. Constitution: Dalton

  63. Concerns of core v non-core

  64. Current constitution, 2 positions require you to be core

  65. Proposed constitution, 2 positions require you to be core

  66. Before the proposed constitution, there have been plenty of non-core CoC

  67. With the proposed constitution, the CoC steps into the Chief position & both are elected positions

  68. John: reason for the change is 2nd Chief isn’t an elected position, not a popular vote

  69. Elder Hank: 2 different areas of government; concern that the same thing as before will happen again

  70. Dalton: need to figure out if any position needs to be core. If not, it’s no different structurally; otherwise, you have to make sure the next position is core

  71. Chief Hatcher: Sticking with Chief position for moment, Chief has to be core; it doesn’t make sense to have someone with no ties to the tribe running it; not in favor of CoC being core. The first 2nd Chief has to be core and take over Chief position (like a VP)

  72. Dalton: the logic for that would be Speaker of House (take over VP spot)- CoC

  73. Rick: don’t think you need to be any nationality to run for office

  74. 2nd Chief Phil: understand Dalton’s point; I feel like I’m always having to prove I’m Native American, despite being Waccamaw, Cherokee, probably Catawba

  75. Chief Hatcher: would like to see CoC as elected position

  76. John: also know lots of core who don’t have a vested interest; could vet them

  77. Dalton: no; they have to be elected

  78. John: approve them to be elected

  79. Dalton: there needs to be a separation of powers

  80. Rick: problem with core thing is that it limits leadership

  81. John: general populous should have right to vote for non-core

  82. Rick: what if non-core member has been an asset for 20years? What makes you think they will turn?

  83. Susan: tribe based on Dimery settlement. Why would we want an outsider to be the leader?

  84. John: you want the best person capable of leading the tribe to lead the tribe

  85. Elder Hank: still think Chief should be able to appoint 2nd Chiefs

  86. Elder Dan: if he’s (non-core) on the ballot, what happens?

  87. Dalton: he can be on the ballot for Council, just not CoC

  88. Chief Hatcher: how many think Chief should be core? Non-core?

  89. Motion based on audience & vote require Chief to be descendant of Dimery settlement; Susan seconded

  90. Dalton-abstain, Homer-yes, Robert-abstain, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, John-no, Rick-no

  91. Chief hatcher: how many think core CoC should take Chief spot should he get ill, quit, etc?

  92. Motion that first 2nd Chief take over should Chief get ill, quit, etc; Susan seconded

  93. Dalton: for that purpose, have Chief announce his Vice Chief up front

  94. Vice Chief and two 2nd Chiefs appointed (instead of 3)

  95. Motion that Chief and first 2nd Chief run as a team; Mark seconded

  96. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes, John-yes

  97. Chief Hatcher: now anyone can run as CoC

  98. Elder Doug: don’t changes have to be ratified?

  99. Dalton-yes

  100. John: don’t we have to delineate the line of succession?

  101. Dalton: yes

  102. Chief Hatcher: now CoC should be Chief pro-tem should something happen till next election

  103. Motion for line of succession: Chief- Vice Chief- CoC; Rick seconded

  104. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, Rick-yes, John-yes

  105. Buildings & Grounds: Larry

  106. New locks and extra keys

  107. John: crosses made?

  108. Larry: yes

  109. John: electrical sites at circle need total power

  110. Rick: power company says things are good

  111. John: Cemetery Fund: $531

  112. Dalton: can we get B&G to price gravel for the parking lot?

  113. Mark: if we put it out now, it will sink; do dirt first

  114. Larry: we could dig another pond and use that dirt

  115. Mark: know someone with heavy equipment

  116. Drum: Rick

  117. At a standstill

  118. Member Files

  119. Mark: if an application is denied, do we send them a letter?

  120. Susan: check with Jeania

  121. Susan: started going through files with John Abrams

  122. Lots don’t have membership agreements

  123. 1-281 do not have a place for member to sign on the application

  124. 4 different application types with revisions

  125. Parents voter registration cards in children’s files

  126. Outdated children’s files

  127. Spousal apps in member files

  128. Irregularities: Council signed off, but different numbers put in the vote tally

  129. Duplicate apps

  130. Propose tossing unnecessary duplicate applications or mail them back to member; Dalton seconded

  131. Dalton-yes, Homer-yes, Robert-yes, Susan-yes, Mark-yes, John, Rick-yes

  132. Propose sending a letter to member requesting missing items with a 45-90-day return period

  133. John: like the membership agreement

  134. Dalton: give them a date, not just 90 days

  135. Susan: will write the letter and submit it Council for changes

  136. Dalton: if they don’t send missing items in, kick them out