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December 2016 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 12/2/2016 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s Dalton, John, Robert, and CoC Rick present. 2nd Chief Cheryl served as a proxy for Susan and Mark.

  2. Alan F: CMA meeting/ jobs education meeting

  3. You can get certified if you own your own business

  4. Will have a scholarship guide in mid-Jan

  5. GED program for those interested

  6. 2nd Chief Cheryl: do they work with the Small Business Association?

  7. Alan: unsure

  8. October minutes read

  9. No quorum

  10. John T: motions that minutes are read & voted online ahead of time; Rick seconded

  11. 2nd Chief Cheryl (Susan)-yes, 2nd Chief Cheryl (Mark)-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  12. Financial Report

  13. General Fund: $18,236.85

  14. Building Fund: $4449.30

  15. John T: Cemetery Fund: $541.28

  16. Old Business

  17. Cemetery Encroachment: 2nd Chief Cheryl

  18. Hearing contested by Mr. James’ attorney; says tribe is a corporation; may have to go to municipal court

  19. John T: can trustee not file on behalf of the cemetery as an individual?

  20. 2nd Chief Cheryl: yes, not just one, but all of them

  21. Investor Proposal by John T

  22. Each $1000 invested, you would reap reward

  23. It could be a big gamble

  24. Numbers in proposal are arbitrary right now

  25. Terms of repayment can be dictated

  26. Could do the same for the parking project

  27. Elder Doug: why can’t you put separate business in name of WIP and let it draw interest?

  28. John T: most of us can’t run businesses

  29. Elder Doug: federal recognition has been a 25year deal; need enough money to get it

  30. Rick: any outside investors?

  31. John T: may not have as many legal ramifications with tribal members

  32. Dalton: good idea; think amounts should be smaller to make it accessible

  33. Alan: concern that outside investors could try to take over

  34. Dalton: make shares nontransferable; share of profits- make it their share of distribution+1

  35. 2nd Chief Cheryl: why not beneficial?

  36. Dalton: don’t want to be paying them out for years from now

  37. Elder Doug: agreement could be a %, but it has to be attractive

  38. New Business

  39. Committee Reports

  40. Arts & Crafts: 2nd Chief Cheryl (Susan)

  41. 12/10 Class to create chokers: @2pm: $35/ person, includes supplies

  42. Suk at Brookgreen: thanks to Susan, Marion, Rick, Cheryl

  43. Grants: Michelle

  44. Finalizing SCAC paperwork

  45. Looking at possible ANA Grants

  46. 2nd Chief Cheryl: look into USDA Rural Development for funding

  47. Pauwau: Michelle

  48. Outbrief Volunteer Dinner held 11/12; thanks to all who attended

  49. Demographics Sheets worked well for first time, though need relocation on grounds

  50. 2nd Chief Cheryl: used data from sheets to create Sample Segmentation Sheet to give a better visual idea of where people are coming from and what ages they are

  51. Meeting: 2nd Thursday in Jan at tribal office at 6pm

  52. Volunteer signup sheets on office table, can also let someone on committee know

  53. Buildings & Grounds: Rick

  54. Larry J resigned as Chair; committee nominated Neal R

  55. Thanks to Larry J for his hard work

  56. John T: electric?

  57. Rick: working on getting it up to code and raising the dance circle

  58. John T: move the circle?

  59. Was the backhoe/ dump truck looked into?