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September 2017 Open Meeting Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 9/01/2017 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC

  1. CM’s John, Mark, Dalton, Susan, and CoC Rick present. 2C Cheryl arrived at 8pm.

  2. Jeania Kidder was sworn into Tribal Council by CoC Rick

  3. Financial Report

  4. General Fund: $8796.48

  5. Building Fund: $1286.27

  6. Mark: thought the building fund account was supposed to be closed since the committee dissolved?

  7. Susan: closing the building fund account won’t let us track money given to specific projects; people have donated for specific items

  8. Cemetery Fund: $531.26

  9. Online Votes

  10. 7/13 Vote to Hire/ Disregard PI in Sampson case

  11. Susan- disregard, John-disregard, Mark-disregard, Dalton-disregard, Rick-disregard

  12. 8/10 Approve June Minutes with Changes

  13. Susan-abstain, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  14. 8/10 Approve July Minutes

  15. Susan-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-abstain

  16. 8/10 Pay fuel receipts for 6 weeks $80.78 Check 583

  17. Susan-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  18. Old Business

  19. Roof Case Update: decided not to hire PI

  20. CoC Rick: want to refile

  21. Susan: police have to serve him first

  22. CoC Rick motioned to refile; Mark seconded

  23. Want it to fall around 12/25, so Oct 1

  24. Susan: not sure how long it took to put it together the first time

  25. CoC Rick: want to do my part by mid-Nov

  26. John: then file now

  27. CoC amended his motion to refile now

  28. Susan-yes, Jeania-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  29. Attendance Proposal by CM John

  30. It is used to show if CM’s are doing their job

  31. Handout passed out

  32. John: it goes by the oath and also gives us the ability to remove people for cause

  33. Elder Dan: isn’t this already in the constitution?

  34. John: no, just in the oath

  35. It also asks for 3 Elders to be present to help ensure we act constitutionally

  36. We request that the Elders make their own attendance policy

  37. We also want 1 2nd Chief present since they can give proxy votes

  38. We are looking into electronic meetings (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc)

  39. Scheduled activities need our government’s presence

  40. Susan: would like to change the online vote response to 48 hours; I may not look at email within 24 hours

  41. CoC Rick: encourage 24; require 48

  42. Dalton: not sure we need to require it; we get at least 4 responses quickly

  43. Mark: I think with any online votes, we should discuss and then vote

  44. John: this is a good baseline

  45. Elder Position: Ronnie Hatcher was nominated

  46. Susan: we’ve seen you sporadically; how committed are you to coming to meetings?

  47. Ronnie: committed, just not the last few months

  48. John: have you read the constitution about Elder job requirements?

  49. Ronnie:no

  50. John: can you use email, etc to communicate?

  51. Ronnie: FB Messenger

  52. John: what motivates you to accept the position?

  53. Ronnie: old, it’s a sense of pride

  54. Dalton: what do you think your role in the Elders will be?Elders position is to nag Council when we do something wrong. Can you handle telling us no, knowing we may argue back and do it without alienating anyone?

  55. Ronnie: yes, I can handle arguing

  56. Dalton: you have to know the constitution to be able to tell us we’re wrong

  57. Ronnie: comfortable with that

  58. CoC Rick: you were nominated, but did you want it?

  59. Ronnie: I thought about it

  60. CoC Rick: will you be able to attend functions?

  61. Ronnie: should be there

  62. Dalton: how is your health?

  63. Ronnie: okay except my knees

  64. Jeania: being an Elder is an honor. Did accept the nomination out of interest or obligation?

  65. Ronnie: thought about it

  66. John: how do you think we do as a Tribal Council?

  67. Ronnie: right now, good

  68. John: I wish people would tell us if we aren’t doing good; we need input

  69. Elder Dan: no one has come to me and said anything about Tribal Council

  70. Mark motioned to accept Ronnie as Elder; Susan seconded

  71. Susan-yes, Jeania-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  72. Ronnie sworn into Council of Elders by CoC Rick

  73. New Business

  74. Mark: we need to help Donnie out; Homer used to, but now he’s starving. We need to help our own. He takes care of this land.

  75. Susan: he gets $800/month and has no house payment

  76. Rick: I’ve cut grass a couple of times with Wayne & Mark has a good argument

  77. Mark: when he moved here, he used his new lawnmower and wore it out on our grounds

  78. Jeania: does he get reimbursed gas?

  79. Susan: we pay the fuel bill

  80. Rick: how many hours does he spend mowing?

  81. Mark: he does 2-3 hours in the morning and evening, depending on heat,

  82. Rick: so roughly 100 hours/ month

  83. Mark: if you’re trying to look at each hour and dollar spent, it’s the wrong way to do a member

  84. John: what was the deal on the contract: did he ask for money?

  85. Mark: the last contract is null and void because it was breached; he does more than cut grass; he takes out the trash

  86. Susan: we don’t have to decide it tonight & I would like to bring the Chief in; you’re making it demanding

  87. Mark: not demanding, but you’re putting a dollar amount on him

  88. Susan: my mother gets $700/month and survives

  89. Mark: your word- survives; & you don’t help her at all?

  90. Dalton: I don’t care what he does; I care what he needs

  91. Mark: I care what he needs

  92. Dalton: Michelle does a lot each month

  93. Mark: it’s different when you’re in an AC’d home

  94. Dalton: you brought up the contract

  95. Mark: it’s null & void

  96. Dalton: then we need to make a new contract, yes?

  97. Mark: yes

  98. Dalton: then we can put it in the contract

  99. CoC Rick: important part is that he needs food & I will take Donnie to the grocery store

  100. CoC Rick motioned to spend $100, but wants Tribal Council’s opinion

  101. John gave $50, others donated

  102. John: we will discuss it at the next work meeting; Dalton agreed

  103. Mark: and have Chief here

  104. Amended to discuss it at the next work meeting with Chief & Donnie

  105. Susan: and bring up the mailbox

  106. Thanks to everyone who donated

  107. Susan

  108. Wedding for 9/2 won’t be here because of rain; Plan B is the park from 1-4

  109. Propose that when a meeting falls on Labor Day weekend, we move it to the second Friday; Mark seconded

  110. Susan-yes, Jeania-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  111. Dalton

  112. FB has a new feature to let you donate your birthday to causes; we received $75 for mine

  113. CoC Rick:Richard called about his ID card

  114. Susan: 2C Cheryl is working on it and will try to get with Jeania

  115. Jeania: I will call her

  116. Fuel Receipts

  117. $73.96 Check 586

  118. Susan-yes, Jeania-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  119. Committee Reports

  120. Arts & Crafts: Susan

  121. Found display cases, just need help getting them here

  122. Mark: a lot of rain in the old building; it needs work

  123. Certified artists: you can sell 1 item at the tribal book

  124. If it sells, you can decide if you want to sell next year in a booth

  125. Dalton: and you get to keep the money

  126. CoC Rick: looking at us purchasing items to sell for School Day from Mark Williams

  127. Susan: no, they use plastic

  128. Elder Dan: I don’t think we should either; we have called people out for it in the past

  129. Becky: you can make $5 items out of real materials; like Susan, not using plastic

  130. Fire Mountain Gems has great sales

  131. Susan: how many people do we need?

  132. CoC Rick: more than we’ve got now

  133. Mark: set up a day to make items

  134. CoC Rick: we need different ideas, choices to purchase

  135. Grants: Michelle

  136. SCAC: we didn’t get, according to their site

  137. Susan: we didn’t; we received decline letter today

  138. Pauwau: Michelle

  139. Ads to be sold

  140. Looking for older Pauwau pictures for program book

  141. Looking for volunteers for Nov for all areas; send any of us an email or call

  142. Next meeting 9/14

  143. CoC Rick: what are the chances of Hank and Homer getting a page?

  144. Susan: already covered

  145. Dalton: and anyone can buy a memoriam page

  146. Susan: we could have the meeting at my house if the hurricane comes

  147. We need volunteers to help build benches

  148. Glenn: do I need to go buy the materials?

  149. Dalton: if you can or take Susan or Michelle with the credit card

  150. Mark: concerned about safety if the blocks come apart

  151. Dalton, Susan: we’re gluing them together

  152. Drum: CoC Rick

  153. We played at Homer’s funeral

  154. Susan: y’all did good. Are you also doing School Day?

  155. CoC Rick: that’s the plan

  156. Old Business

  157. Cemetery Encroachment: 2C Cheryl

  158. They will pay for the survey & want us to pay the recording cost and deed

  159. We will probably have to pay more than them

  160. CoC Rick

  161. Timeframe?

  162. 2C Cheryl: they’ve probably already done the survey, just need to vote to do the recording costs & deed

  163. Will it be a usable property?

  164. 2C Cheryl: they took usable, so it would have to be, so vote to do the recording & deed contingent on usability

  165. John: motion we pay deed pre and recording fees out of escrow; Rick seconded

  166. Susan-yes, Jeania-yes, John-yes, Mark-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes

  167. 2C Cheryl

  168. LLC: it would be in our interest to not have Chief as an agent; chief has suggested that Terry be our go-to lawyer, perhaps he could be an agent

  169. Dalton: I would need to know the parameters & how much money he would want

  170. Find out the details and get back to us

  171. Salesforce Webinar 9/6

  172. Hope to meet with Doug this month and launch as early as October

  173. Rick: membership ID cards

  174. 2C Cheryl: received Microsoft invite, need to get my username/password; Microsoft is paid up

  175. Need cards for Richard Turner, Glenn Turner

  176. Mark: and Belinda Chatham

  177. Michelle: and new cards for Jeania Kidder and Ronnie Hatcher showing their position

Rick motioned to close the meeting; Mark seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8:37 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Hatcher on 9/14/17 at 1:14 am.

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