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Horse Trail Ride 4/28 Sucessful

Thanks to great weather, the Waccamaw Trail Ride turned out well Saturday. I would like to thank Clay for his efforts before, during, and after the ride. I want to thank Mr. Doug, Mrs. Jewell, and, of course, Cheyenne, for security. Our friend, Ronnie Boardwine was also a gerat asset. Thanks to anyone else who helped to make the ride a success. I will have full details at the Friday night meeting. Larry Jernigan #event #fundraiser

April 2018 Open Summary

Tribal Open Meeting Summary 4/6/2018 held at the Tribal Office in Aynor, SC CM’s Susan, John, Robert, Dalton, and Rick present. Elders Dan, Glenn T, Doug, and Becky present. 2C Cheryl, Chief Hatcher present. Financial Report General Fund: $11,051.63 Building Fund: $1,917.40 Cemetery Fund: $531.26 Online Votes Accept March Minutes Yes with change to add 2C’s to attendance at the of the summary Susan-yes, John-yes, Robert-yes, Dalton-yes, Rick-yes Old Business Cemetery Encroachment 2C Cheryl: Terry would like to set up a time to talk to Tribal Council & Elders either Mon-Fri or at the next Council meeting Chief: have to think he will charge from the time he leaves his office till he leaves he

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